How to train fully?

Strong muscles are important for a healthy body.

One of the ways to keep your muscles in shape is to exercise them periodically. But the wrong practice of the exercises may not be beneficial for them, and may even cause harm.

Here are some guidelines to avoid injuring or damaging your muscles:

  1. Be persistent!

You can’t train rain or shine and expect great results.

A study shows that someone who works out twice a week for 1 year will achieve better results than someone who works out 5 times a week for 6 months. The truth lies in consistency and in this rhythm that you yourself have to build.

  1. Breathe properly!

Exhale when lifting or pushing and inhale slowly when releasing the load or weight. Never hold your breath while exerting yourself.

This action, called the Valsalva maneuver, can temporarily raise your blood pressure significantly and be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease. strong>

  1. Don’t stress your joints to the limit!

Always leave your knees or elbows slightly bent when performing an exercise that stresses them. That way you won’t overload them too much.

  1. Be patient!

Don’t be so impatient to see results. Overloading and suddenly raising or lowering your kilograms runs the risk of injuring yourself. Each muscle group needs 48 hours of rest before you can work it again.

  1. Don’t train if you’re sick!

If you’ve been sick you need to take a day or two off after your recovery because your muscles need a longer time to regenerate.

In case your illness is more serious and you have had to stop your training for a longer period of time, you may need to use lighter weights for less resistance when resuming exercise.

  1. Vary your training!

If you have been doing the same training for a long time, you should change more frequent your exercises because muscles get used to the same movements.

  1. Focus!

When you train don’t think about how much work you have to do, what you need to buy at the store and whether you will have time to go out with friends. You should be focused solely on your training.

  1. Don’t forget flexibility!

You shouldn’t just train for strength. Spend 10 minutes a day doing flexibility exercises that will help you perform better during exercise.

  1. Balance the training!

One of the main mistakes in training is the lack of balance. Many people give all their attention to the upper body, while the legs are left behind. For a good workout, you shouldn’t miss any of your muscle groups.

  1. Don’t do crunches every day!

Like all muscles, abs need to be gives the necessary rest. It is good to do press every 1 or 2 days, which will help you to be more efficient.

  1. Find your motivation!

Even if you do every exercise correctly, you will not achieve much if you are notmotivated. Find what motivates you the best. It could be a movie, an inspirational video, music, or a goal you set.

You just have to go willing to train.

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