Are knee problems inherited?

People whose parents had knee problems due to osteoarthritis are about 50% more vulnerable to knee pain in middle age.

These are the results of a new study that shows that knee pain is also transmitted through genetics.

The Australians who authored this study say that the relationship between parents and grown children shows , that genetics can have a lot to do with knee problems and the pain that comes with them.

“It has been abundantly clear that genes are strongly associated with vulnerability and risk of osteoarthritis, but there has been limited success in finding these genes,” said Dr Graham Jones from the University of Tasmania , lead author of the study.

“In this way, it will be easier to look at the mechanisms by which genes lead to arthritis, and the easiest method for this will be to study the children of elderly people who suffer from knee pain and osteoarthritis,” he added. Jones.

By age 45, about a quarter to a third of adults had pain in their knees that lasted at least a week, the study authors wrote in their journal.

The causes of knee pain are not always clear, but a genetic link is thought to be the only logical cause.

The new study is the first to investigate whether people with a family history of osteoarthritis have an increased risk of worsening and knee pain

186 cases were recorded in which at least one parent had problems with knee joint and their children suffer from these problems.

At the beginning of the study, participants filled out questionnaires in which they shared about any knee pain they had experienced in the past year.

The study was done 10 years ago in the same conditions, but with different people. The general thing is that the notes of everyone involved were the same.

All sorts of attempts have been made to discover the relationship between knee pain, genes and external factors.

Smokers, heavy drinkers and non-exercisers show the same results, or in other words external factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, cigarettes and alcohol do not affect this disease.

Studies show that the number of people suffering from osteoarthritis has increased by about 20% in the last 8 years and the number of sufferers continues to grow.

Until the scientists come to a final conclusion, we can only hope that the problems will pass, because although very painful, this question still remains without a final answer that applies to everyone.

The difference between arthritis and other bone-structural diseases cannot explain knee pain. For this, the most likely answer is that it is all due to gene transmission from parents to children.

Genetics account for the results in the body as a greater sensitivity to pain in certain areas of the knee, and the cause is probably the genes that are passed on to us at birth.

However, scientists are working on other versions as well. One possible example is that the environment and dietary habits of the parents of a child with osteoarthritis may also be a key factor.

In order to protect ourselves from knee pain, it is necessary, in addition to hoping that we will not be affected, to maintain an ideal weight corresponding to our lifestyle, height, habits, etc.

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