Designer estrogen protects against osteoporosis

Research covering women’s health continues to be done, and information from them floods us every day.

Below we will show you some of the most interesting and discussed discoveries about the health of the genitalia.

Some involve new types of treatments or ways to make a therapy successful to help many women, especially after menopause.

1. Hormonal problems after age 65

A new look at the long-term results of the Women’s Health Initiative related to the use of long-term hormone therapy has come to light.< /p>

Doctors from a famous American college say that women do not stop producing estrogen just because they are older than 65.

2. Improving health after hysterectomy

A group from Yale University was assembled in 2014. in order to increase the amount of information available about women who have undergone hysterectomy.

The results show that the synthesis of estrogen in the female body can protect women from many diseases and drastically reduce deaths.

3. In 2014 urine therapy was also approved

It is now possible to perform various manipulations with a woman’s urine to treat fecal incontinence.

This will dramatically improve the quality and life expectancy of women who once had problems of this nature.

Already new types of treatments are officially recognized – through them it will be possible to more easily solve problems with drug treatment and physical therapy of urinary leaks.

4. Study Reveals Effects of Untreated Hot Flashes.

Yale researchers addressed the high economic costs of not treating the hot flashes that come with menopause.

Millions of dollars in lost wages to employees who dealt with middle-aged women who suffered from menopausal symptoms and yet went untreated. p>

5. The first designer estrogen has been released!

It treats the symptoms of menopause and makes a good preventive for the body by protecting against osteoporosis.

This new type of designer estrogen is one of the leading trends when it comes to a universal type of therapy.

It contains orally conjugated estrogen and the selective estrogen receptor regulator bazedoxifene.

Thus, women with any problems in the uterine area will be able to use it without the need to use progestin.

6. Menopausal genital syndrome was renamed

“Vulvovaginitis” as it is now called or simply vaginal atrophy as most are used to calling it is the name of menopause syndrome.

This syndrome affects a variety of problems such as vaginal dryness and “atrophic vaginitis” – lack of sex hormones that act on time of menopause or as a result of other conditions that lead to a lack of female hormones.

There are various hormonal and non-hormonal therapies for the treatment of this condition.

7. New Drugs That Treat Hepatitis C

Several new drug therapy methods for hepatitis C are becoming available in 2014.

They are tried and tested, and medical associations recommend them as reliable and safe.

8. Some technology leaders have announced that they are “in favor” of the egg freezing service

This type of therapy does not work for all women, but it has been shown to have a positive effect on the syndromes of various diseases.

In 2014 is also the first time a woman gives birth to a healthy child despite having a transplanted uterus.

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