Broken penis? Here are the dangerous poses

You will get some extremely weird information from this article, but trust me guys, it can be not only weird but also very useful.

Reading on, you will find out which are the safest positions for making love and which are the riskiest.

So if you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, literally, keep reading.

Probably it hasn’t happened to you, but actually penile fractures are an extremely popular problem, which, apart from being weird, intimate, etc., is also extremely painful.

Everything can happen by accident while having sex, so it’s best to know which position leads to what.

Even though your wives are constantly assuring you how good you are when you do something, be sure to keep in mind what might happen.

Every woman, and also a man, has a favorite place or so-called. “G spot”. Through the different positions, a wide range of zones can be stimulated, which are most often named as erogenous or the places on our body where we like to be touched.

Whether it’s sex in the shower, in the car, missionary, on top, bottom, or just on the kitchen counter, keep in mind that in addition to venereal diseases, you’ll also have to watch out for penile fractures.

Although it’s every slightly larger or lazy man’s dream to have his wife on top and him just standing there enjoying the sight and feel of the bottom, studies show that over 50% of cases of “damaged or broken penis” are obtained precisely from this pose.

Whether it is because the woman is not one of the most dexterous or simply by an unfortunate coincidence, these things happen, as we can all imagine – the result is deplorably painful.

Doggy style” or better known as “doggy pose” and “puppy pose” also ranks as one of the dangerous poses .

Dog love” is responsible for approximately 29% of breaks and fractures in the penile area.

It is not clear why, but classics are classics and as we all know – old and simple things are the best. I mean the Emissionary pose. According to scientists, this position ranks as the safest.

Yes, the old missionary position, besides being pleasant and often practiced, it is also the safest.

This constant companion of our sex life, undoubtedly one of the most common postures, is responsible for only 21% of the tragic cases of men who have damaged their dignity.

So just to be clear, stop listening to what your partner wants and don’t follow their every whim because not everything good is safe.

Think a little about yourself and if you don’t define yourself as a “gender terminator” who is flexible, can be anywhere, anytime and an unlimited number of times, I advise you to choose something a little more safe.

After all, with age, everyone ages, gains weight, becomes clumsier, etc., so instead of trying to relive your youth by breaking the bed and keeping your neighbors awake, choose something small lazier and safer that falls into your category.

Not that anyone doubts that you are no longer good, of course. And as for the young ones, let’s really get the point of this article, because these things happen to people, even young ones, even those with defined biceps and abs.

For this – be careful and consume not only with pleasure, but also in moderation. Share our link with your friends to protect an unsuspecting person.

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