6 effective ways to relieve arthritis

Arthritis affects a large number of people, especially the elderly.

Although the lesions appear late, the disease begins early and indicates the need to take care of the body.

Oftentimes feet are left out of good health care because they rarely cause problems. But we should not allow this, because the body is a harmony of all parts and organs. If one of them is damaged, it can soon create a problem for the others.

With age, there is a natural degeneration of the feet, which lose their elasticity and flexibility. Arthritis adds more woes in the form ofsore joints and sprains.

When arthritis pain affects the legs, even simple actions like walking can seem impossible and excruciating.

In arthritis, certain strategies and preventative measures can provide relief and comfort. From wearing the right fitting shoes, to the right posture, these are very simple but effective ways that can contribute to alleviation of foot pain.

What are the ways to deal with arthritis in the feet?

Pamper your feet

Feet should be cared for and pampered just like the rest of the body. Unfortunately, we can spend hours taking care of our face, hair or hands, but not our feet.

With a little extra care, we can protect feet from arthritis. Shoes are one of the easiest ways to protect them. When choosing shoes, priority should be given to comfort over style.

Experts say that wearing comfortable shoes is akin to a facelift without surgery. Help your feet feel young and in thriving health, even with arthritis. Shoes that are too tight, which women often wear, can cause foot problems over time.

Avoid uncomfortable shoes or those that squeeze the front of the feet. Wear models with sufficiently thick soles and cushioning for the foot. Lower heels are essential items that can provide support and comfort to the feet.

Movement is key to foot health

Exercise and movement are very important for healthy feet. Lack of adequate mobility can lead to disorders and stress in the legs.


Achilles tendon at the back of the heel and the rest of the tendons in the legs are important areas to exercise. Exercises that target the legs can make them strong and flexible.

Proper exercises include the Achilles tendon and the heel area. But before taking them, consult your doctor.

Massage relieves pain

Leg pain can be painful and embarrassing. Massage can provide relief, although it is temporary. Rolling a ball using your toes also helps.

Topical medications (containing capsaicin) may also provide some relief, although they are not suitable for permanent use.

Orthopedic aids

Help your feet with the help of various orthopedic aids and applications found in health care stores. Canes can be used to make it easier walking and to reduce the tension in the joints.

Insoles in shoes and some other devices can be useful for arthritis in the feet. Most of these aids and devices are found in the neighborhood store, but they are still tailored to individual needs.

Distribution of housework

Housework should be reduced and managed for the sake of the legs, which do not allow you to work with the same energy as before. So it’s better to do it a little bit every day rather than all at once on Saturday or Sunday.

Plan your work to minimize moving up and down stairs, change your position frequently to avoid leg strain.

Prevention can mean improvement

Arthritis requires extra foot care. Routine tests and examinations are inevitable when you have arthritis in your feet. A rheumatologist, orthopedist or arthritis specialist will best advise you on what to do.

Arthritis doesn’t just affect the feet. Over time, the disease can affect overall movement because it affects the way the ankles, knees, hips and spine turn.

Experts say that our body works like a tower of cubes. If one cube changes its position, all others must be adjusted to save the tower from falling

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