Cure by cooking?

For a chef, the kitchen can be like a temple.

These days, there are quite a few clinics that use cooking to treat people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental problems .

Cooking and baking are activities that fit into a therapy known as behavioral activation.

The aim is to alleviate depression by stimulating positive activity, increasing goal-directed behavior and reducing procrastination and passivity.


Jacqueline Golan, associate professor of psychiatry, claims that the secret of cooking being defined as therapy is not so complicated.

People get personal satisfaction when their actions are crowned with success.

Also, when we bake a cake, for example, for someone we care about, the satisfaction of making someone else happy is even greater.

Cooking has become a hobby for many people around the world and is a trend that is gaining fans every day.

Many clinics use it as a process to keep their patients’ minds and bodies in good health.

Cooking as therapy is much more effective than talking.

In cooking, everything is just fun, as if we are playing a game, and even a 16-year-old teenager would not understand that it is actually therapy and healing!

Matthew Petrillo, a 17-year-old former patient who suffered from depression, shares some pretty interesting facts about the new type of therapy.

“It was great. I didn’t even realize that I was slowly forgetting about the things that make me sad and out of balance,” he says.

“We didn’t all know why we were there. But after 1-2 successful dishes, you just stop looking for the reason and give yourself to what you’re doing.”

“I think cooking is a great way to get away from problems and gain self-esteem and confidence in your skills,” Matthew added.

Regarding any type of treatment, there is a lot of information and a lot of people who are for and against different cures.

But when it comes to cooking, there are few who are against it. It just helps. You are healing alone.

Yes alone. No clinics, no doctors to tell you that you have a problem in 2 minutes, without telling you what is good for you and what is not.

In addition, cooking has other advantages. Besides learning to prepare your own food, you also acquire many other qualities.

People who took part in studies whose purpose was healing through cooking reported that afterwards they felt much more confident and secure in everything they did.

Another plus, for example, is that you learn to cook tasty and healthy things and it will be much easier for you to change your diet.

As we know, depression is one of the main reasons why people suffer from obesity, heart problems, etc.

When people cook, they eat much less. It’s just like they’re already satisfied with what they’ve done.

Another study shows that people who cook are much less likely to eat high-calorie foods such as chips, sweets and fast snacks.

Cooking and the preparation of food itself can also be a collective process, for people who think they don’t fit into society.

When done in groups, people stop feeling socially isolated and increase their communication skills and confidence.

Cooking is a really wonderful, relaxing process, and sometimes the results are even delicious! In addition, it turns out that it can also cure terrible diseases.

And the best of all this is that we can do it in our own home, without unnecessary irritants, money for doctors and medicines.

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