Top 5 popular myths about personal hygiene

Washing hands and teeth become a habit for most people from early childhood and we rarely think about how much we need them. However, according to data from various sources, the previous generations had not even heard of a brush and toothpaste, but our ancestors suffered from diseases of the teeth and gums much less often.

Myth #1 – Public toilets should be avoided whenever possible

In fact, public toilets are not as dangerous as people think. Of course, public toilet bowls are inhabited by various bacteria, but infection can occur extremely rarely.

This is due to the fact that the skin acts as a barrier against the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. Even in this regard, a recent study found that public toilets are even less contaminated from the homework.

American scientists analyzed 4 public toilets in Chicago. In these premises, disease-causing bacteria were found excreted with the faeces, but their amount represented less than 15% of the total population of microorganisms.

At the same time, scientists found the presence in toilets of a significant amount of bacteria, which normally inhabits human skin.

Fecal bacteria are more dangerous than those that live on the skin, but they also die faster. Microorganisms inhabiting the skin are more resistant and therefore over time they accumulate around the toilet bowls.

Myth #2 – you need to wash your hair every day

It is indeed desirable for a person to shower every day, but washing your hair every day is not at all necessary. The time intervals at which you should wash your head depends on several factors such as hair type, scalp condition, hair length, etc. Frequent use of shampoo damages the hair as depriving it of its natural protection in the form of sebum.

Myth #3 – A dentist can’t tell if a person is flossing

Dentists are hard to fool. Even if a person decides to floss their teeth once before visiting a dentist, the doctor will still be able to understand that this is not done regularly because the gums are injured and start to bleed. > The plaque that accumulates around the teeth is the cause of caries and gum disease.

Myth #4 – the more hair is brushed the better

Of course hair should be brushed regularly, but it should not be done too often. With frequent brushing, however, over time, the hair begins to weaken, which makes the hair more fragile and worsens its appearance.

Myth #5 – Antibacterial soaps and gels are perfect protection

Although antibacterial gel contains 60% alcohol, there is no better way to disinfect hands than regular soap and water. It is currently believed that antibacterial gels may lead to the development of microbial resistance and insensitivity.

If a person still wants to keep his hands clean, he should wash them more thoroughly than usual, but in no case should he use antibacterial soap. In addition, antibacterial preparations can cause severe skin irritation.

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