Do hops cure a runny nose?

One of the main problems during the current autumn-winter period is the runny nose /rhinitis/ and its treatment.

Most of us know the popular belief that if we treat a runny nose it goes away in 7 days, and if we do nothing it goes away in a week.

A belief is a belief, but most people consider this disease as not serious. And this is absolutely incorrect, because a runny nose can create not only inconvenience, but also many problems.

Difficulty breathing, headache, lack of smell and appetite, poor sleep – these are only the most common consequences of rhinitis.

And hardly most people know why the runny nose appears and why exactly this symptom is difficult to cure.

Doctors say that runny noses are often due to hypothermia, which can usually be caused by prolonged wet feet in wet and cool weather or by a drop in body temperature, both hot and cold time.

But the cause of the runny nose can also be the weakening of the body’s immune system, which is usually the result of ongoing chronic diseases of an infectious nature.

It is precisely the appearance of a runny nose that should be a signal to the sick person that he must take measures to combat the disease.

The reason for the development of rhinitis can also be an allergic reaction of the body to the aggressive factors of the environment where a person usually spends most of his time.

Some time ago the results of the latest scientific research conducted in Japan were published. They showed that an excellent remedy for colds is hops – an indispensable ingredient of beer.

Extremely useful properties of hops are determined by the fact that it contains the compound humulone. Japanese scientists recommend the use of hops not only for the treatment of colds, but also for a number of other serious cold diseases.

In order to fight with the help of beer against the viruses that cause bronchitis and inflammation of the respiratory tract, according to Japanese scientists, it is necessary to drink 10 liters of the amber drink.

Recognizing this fact, Japanese scientists are now working on creating new methods for adding the beneficial humulone to food products for children and adults.

But rhinitis can also be treated with folk remedies. The development of viruses during a runny nose is suppressed by the phytoncides contained in onions and garlic. You don’t need to eat a lot of onions and garlic.

Simply cut them finely and inhale the aroma that is released from them, it is this that contains the medicinal volatile substances phytoncides.

When inhaled, a burning sensation appears in the throat and nose, which is an absolutely normal reaction.

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