Do walnuts improve sperm quality?

American scientists found that the daily consumption of 70 grams of walnuts after 12 weeks leads to an improvement in sperm quality in young healthy men.

Approximately 50% of infertility cases in couples are due to men. Their fertilizing abilities depend on many factors, including the quality of the sperm.

Fertilization is possible only in cases where in the female reproductive system during the release of a mature egg from her ovary, that is in the period of ovulation, which is extremely short only 12-24 hours in within the month, a sufficient amount of healthy, mature, normally functioning spermatozoa have arrived.

What prompted scientists to conduct this study?

Walnuts are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids. According to previous research, omega-3 and other polyunsaturated fatty acids improve sperm quality. Fish oil high in this group of fats has previously been shown to have a similar effect.

What is the essence of the research?

117 men aged 21 to 35 years who followed a traditional Western diet took part in the study. Half of the volunteers ate 70 grams of walnuts and the rest ate as usual, but had to exclude walnuts from their portion.

Analysis of sperm quality was performed before the start of the study and immediately after its completion. The analysis took into account such characteristics as sperm count, motility, shape, size, and also the possible presence of chromosomal abnormalities.

What are the results?

12 months after the start of the study, sperm quality improved only in men who consumed walnuts every day. In addition, the most pronounced improvement was observed in the volunteers with the worst sperm count at the time of the start of the study.

The results show that before planning to have a child, about 3 months before, men should pay more serious attention to what they eat. Food has a significant impact on male fertility.

In the future, scientists should find out what is the optimal amount of walnuts that a man needs to consume in order to significantly improve his sperm count and, accordingly, to increase his chances of conception many times over.

Recently it has even become known that people who consume walnuts live longer compared to those who do not and in this regard they/nuts/ are defined as alongevity food.< /p>

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