Does onion rejuvenate the body?

Almost all of us know that onions are very useful for health. This vegetable should be consumed daily as it protects against many infections and diseases.

If you feel sick because you have contracted a seasonal flu virus or a common cold, then onions are the most effective and extremely fast-acting medicine.

The pungent smell of the vegetable repels most people, but that shouldn’t bother you. Onions can be used in the preparation of all kinds of food and dishes, and that is why it is very easy to consume.

The vegetable is a source of many valuable nutrients that act prophylactically against many diseases.

Consumption of onions also makes a person feel much better, since the vegetable also has properties that cleanse the body of toxins.

Onions are also a source of a large amount of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, quercetin /extremely valuable flavonoid/, chromium, and also have unique anti-inflammatory properties.

Allium may make a man cry, but no vegetable has ever existed or been cultivated that makes him laugh.

Onions are:

• Low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol;
• Excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, vitamin B6, folate and manganese;< /p>

The nutritional composition of the vegetable makes it an excellent means of losing weight and maintaining a very good state of health.

Why is onion good for health?

The early settlers of the Americas used the vegetable to treat colds, coughs and asthma and to repel pesky insects.

In Chinese medicine, onions have been used for sore throats, coughs, bacterial infections and difficulty breathing.

The vegetable also has incredible anti-aging properties. Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E prevent the development of damage caused by exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Furthermore, the consumption of onions stimulates the formation of glutathione in the body, which neutralizes circulating free radicals. They are the cause of premature aging of the skin.

Onions are one of the best sources of quercetin – the most powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

Vitamins and sulfur, on the other hand, help strengthen the defenses of the largest organ of the human body, and also keep it very soft and supple.

The anti-aging properties of onions are probably due to the presence of sulphur-rich phytochemicals.

According to publications in the journal “Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research”:

• WHO recognizes that onions help relieve symptoms such as cough, stuffy nose and are applicable for respiratory tract diseases.

• A mixture of sugar and onion juice is used in folk medicine for coughs and other respiratory diseases in children.

Green onion as an alternative medicine:

• Used in conventional medicine for the common cold;
• Stimulates the contraction of respiratory muscles and thus helps to expel phlegm more easily;

Onions have also been shown to be a strong antioxidant and may be beneficial in certain types of malignancy.

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