Bacon, the food of our ancestors, cleanses “bad” cholesterol

Nutritionists advise to eat bacon

Boris Skachko, the most popular phytotherapist in Russia, believes that bacon is very useful and recommends its daily consumption and even giving a little of it to children.


Although it is primarily a source of fat, bacon also has a number of beneficial properties. For example, it has a choleretic effect and helps easier disposal of “bad” cholesterol /LDL-C/ from the body.

It has been a practice for a long time to give small children, who cannot yet chew, a small piece of bacon in gauze, and after they begin to suck it, they calm down.

Scientists have recently proven that fats are a very good “building material” for cells.

During the winter, when the body’s immunity naturally weakens, it is necessary to consume fresh bacon daily, as it increases the defenses and provides energy.

We must periodically remind ourselves that the biological activity of bacon as a food product is 5 times higher than that of cow butter.

In addition, this food, beloved by generations of Bulgarians, contains the valuable polyunsaturated arachidonic acid, from which all cell membranes are built. In addition, the fatty acid is essential for strengthening the heart muscle.

According to experts in dietetics, the consumption of bacon within reasonable limits and when it is properly prepared, is a way to prevent one of the most widespread and extremely serious diseases in our time, atherosclerosis.

The consumption of bacon with garlic in the cold winter months is not accidentally recommended by nutritionists and doctors, since both bacon and garlic contain selenium. Providing a sufficient amount of this trace element, a person increases his immunity and protects himself from the flu.

Strangely enough, lard is helpful when following a weight loss diet, as it makes it easier to stick to it.

The secret of this diet is that eating foods that contain small amounts of fat makes one feel fuller for a longer time, thus helping to avoid overeating. And in terms of digestibility, bacon is equal to fish and milk fats.

Housewives who take care of preparing food in the family should know that the habit of frying food in vegetable or cow oil, because both sunflower oil and cow oil, when heated above 160 degrees Celsius, turns into a substance similar to wood varnish.

And this compound has been found to be the strongest food carcinogen. Therefore, according to nutritionists, foods should only be fried in bacon or lard.

Bacon also has many uses in folk medicine. In the case of varicose veins, pieces of fresh unsalted bacon are applied to the affected blood vessels and fixed with a bandage.

This kind of compress should be worn for a day, and then a new piece of bacon should be put on. The course of treatment lasts 3 weeks.

Of course, most people are suspicious of this recipe but you have nothing to lose if you try it. Moreover, bacon is extremely cheap and with the application of this method of treatment you will not take any risks a large part of your monthly budget.

For heel pain or spikes, unsalted ground bacon fat has been proven effective. To do this, you need 100 g of fresh bacon, one whole hen’s egg. These products are immersed in 100 g of vinegar.

The resulting mixture is stored in a dark and cool place until the bacon and the egg shell dissolve completely. Periodic shaking is necessary

Before applying the ointment, the heel should be warmed in hot water – 38-40 degrees. The procedure is preferably performed before going to bed, and the course of treatment is 5 days.

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