Does parental divorce ruin children’s health?

Scientists from the health institute of the Swedish city of Enk√∂ping believe that the strong stress resulting from a change of residence and the entire family situation has a negative impact on children’s immunity for the rest of their lives.

Scientists have reached this conclusion on the basis of a survey in which more than 10 thousand people took part.

Researchers decided to answer the question – is there a relationship between divorce or the death of parents and children’s health.

In the body of the 5-year-old participants in the experiment, who experienced strong psychological stress due to the divorce of their parents or due to the difficult economic situation of their family, the scientists found an increased content of cortisol.

This hormone is synthesized and released during severe nervous overstrain. Large amounts of cortisol can have a negative impact on the body’s resistance to the effects of pathogenic microorganisms.

The scientists emphasize that the results obtained by them are strikingly accurate. A high concentration of cortisol in the tissues and in the blood stream was found only in children who faced intractable life situations.< /p>

As a result of the extraordinary high amount of cortisol, the researchers found that the level of a number of immune markers in the children’s body was lowered.

But the most important discovery is that the suppressed state in which the immunity of children is found, experiencing constant stress, can be maintained for a very long time, especially if the nervous tension is of too long duration .

It should also be noted that it is not only children who experience the divorce of their parents or even worse, the death of one of them, who can be exposed to prolonged stress.

People often don’t decide to divorce just because of their common children. But the emerging desire for everyone to go their own way distances and alienates man and woman even more.

As a result, scandals and pointless conflicts become more frequent, which do not reflect well on the children either.

Psychologists have found that most children bear more easily the divorce of their parents than the constant tension in the family.

Often, children from families where parents cannot clarify their relationship with each other have health problems and suffer from psychological disorders.

After years, it is precisely the inappropriate behavior of the parents that can affect the children’s personal lives.

Seeing how their mother and father insult each other on a daily basis, at some point they may think that they don’t need a family at all.

And when the children become mature people, they will hardly find a close person, let alone marriage or at least cohabitation with the opposite sex.

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