How parents can extend their children’s lives by 13 years

Parents can extend the life of their children by 13 years, without resorting to doing anything very complicated.

This was stated by the British chef Jamie Oliver, and then the truth of his statement was also confirmed by experts in the field of healthy eating.

Most people think that children have a special affection for sweets, and in the lives of almost all of us there are many examples of children’s great love for ice cream and candies.

But according to Oliver, that belief is completely wrong – children are not programmed to consume sugary and fatty foods.

“With this in mind, parents can make healthy food more attractive to their children, thus avoiding the consumption of harmful food products,” the famous chef points out.

Jamie Oliver believes that the offering of junk food near schools should be completely banned, and an additional tax should be imposed on the sale of products containing sugar.

In Bulgaria as early as 2009 an Ordinance of the Ministry of Health was adopted for the healthy nutrition of students, which regulates in great detail what foods can be offered in school benches, buffets and vending machines food.

And for the school chairs, a description of what a portion should contain is included – the student should be provided with a daily intake of at least 400 grams of cow’s milk, no matter fresh or sour, and 30 grams of cheese.


In addition, a number of other by-laws have been adopted in relation to the food that is given to children in kindergartens, nurseries and children’s kitchens.

But the difficult economic situation in the country, which has been going on for more than 5 years now, makes healthy foods inaccessible to most students.

And the school benches and buffets have to throw away the whole grain sandwiches, and fresh fruits and vegetables are too much for the pocket of the Bulgarian student.

In the speech, Oliver draws attention to the shocking results of a study published this week.

According to this data, every 10th child in Great Britain is severely obese by the time they enter primary school, i.e. 1st grade.

And for those completing the initial stage of education, the situation worsens and every 5th child aged 10-11 years suffers from obesity.
Although these are data for Great Britain, in Bulgaria a study of the health status of students was conducted in 2010-2011 by the National Center for Public Health and Analysis, the results of which are also alarming.

30.2% of children and adolescents aged 6-19 were overweight, and 12.7% of them were found to be obese.

For comparison, in a similar study conducted in 2004, 20% of students were overweight and ¼ were obese.

Parents, children and nutrition

Healthy eating experts in the UK have expressed their solidarity with Oliver’s statement and also note that it is quite possible to prepare delicious meals from the simplest yet healthy food products .

According to them, parents are primarily responsible both for their children to develop obesity and for helping them avoid this problem.

Overweight children are more prone to obesity in adulthood, and are also likely to start suffering from cardiovascular disease around the age of 40, and are also at risk of developing diabetes type 2, stroke and some types of malignant diseases.

They are also more likely to have bone and joint problems, suffer from sleep apnea and generally have low self-esteem.

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