Drinks with aspartame – cause of premature mortality in women

A large-scale study conducted over the past ten years has shown a link between regular consumption of diet sodas and premature mortality in women. The study shows that mortality increases by approximately 50% and the risk of heart attack by a startling 30%! These diet drinks that contain aspartame are considered to be the main culprit.

The study is considered one of the largest of its kind to date. The estimated number of participants is around 60,000 and the results have been announced officially before the American College of Cardiology. This is the first such serious study to date, paying attention to the toxic effects of aspartame on the human body.

Scientists from the University of Iowa concluded that postmenopausal women who did not consume diet drinks containing aspartame were 50% less at risk of fatal cardiac conditions compared to those who drank one or two such drinks per day. daily base.

The average age of the ladies who took part in the study was 62.8 years and all of them had no history of cardiovascular problems. In conclusion, Dr. Ankur Vyas from the University of Iowa is categorical: “Our study shows a correlation between mortality and excessive consumption of diet drinks”.

Despite its seriousness, the study in question has received quite a bit of criticism. According to many, this study does not present accurate data, because in a number of cases the ladies who drink this type of drink also lead an unhealthy lifestyle, often accompanied by smoking and obesity. Who is right and who is wrong – it is difficult to judge.

Aspartame is a neurotoxin.

Aspartame is a type of sweetener. It is produced in laboratory conditions. It is the result of the fermentation of specific genetically modified bacteria and, simply put, comes from the feces of these bacteria.

Ingested through various types of diet drinks, aspartame enters the body, where it breaks down into various substances such as methanol and formaldehyde. During the digestive processes, the latter is oxidized, turning into the so-called “formic acid”, which in turn has a proven toxic effect in animal tests. But what about methanol, which is even more dangerous?

Dr. Woodrow Monte, a retired scientist from Arizona State University, explains that methanol, including that which we ingest through drinks containing aspartame, may be one of the causes of a number of dangerous diseases such as autism, cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other diseases.

As we already mentioned earlier, one of the substances that are produced when aspartame breaks down is methanol. According to Dr. Monte, methanol is particularly dangerous for humans, much more than it is for other mammals. It is quickly transformed to formaldehyde and absorbed by the digestive system. According to Dr. Monte, formaldehyde is no less carcinogenic than substances such as asbestos and plutonium.

According to the scientists, the modern way of life and diet have become the reason for the intake of large amounts of aspartame, and through it also of methanol, which is precisely the reason for the increase in the so-called diseases of modern civilization.

Besides the consumption of aspartame, as well as the consumption of some canned fruits, vegetables and juices, another dangerous source of methanol is cigarette smoke. The latter is considered one of the main culprits of a number of diseases such as atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis and a number of other diseases.

According to scientists, consumption of beverages that contain aspartame significantly contributes to the risk of diseases such as breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, and this is evident in all countries where foods and beverages containing aspartame are allowed to be sold on the market.


Aspartame is often associated with a number of neurological problems, despite numerous assurances that it is actually not dangerous at all. However, let’s not forget that a number of other substances, such as mercury, are often called “safe”.

Numerous studies have found a link between aspartame consumption in diet drinks and problems such as blurred vision, neurological problems, and more. In a number of cases, migraine conditions, unexplained headaches, insomnia, vertigo, depression and even memory loss have been proven to be associated with the consumption of beverages containing aspartame.

These alarming data indicate the great need to conduct additional multiple studies focusing on the consumption of aspartame in diet drinks. The most striking thing of all is that the diet drinks in question not only do not support weight loss, but quite the opposite – in a number of cases, they are rather associated with obesity and the accumulation of excess weight.

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