Ground apple

Wild sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke, everlasting potato, earth apple and Jerusalem artichoke are all names for the same plant, native to North America, now grown successfully on all continents with except for Antarctica.

It has not just attracted the interest of Europeans – its beneficial properties and potential harms continue to be the subject of research by the scientific community around the world.

However, its nutritional value and unique properties make this plant a desirable food for all people who follow a healthy lifestyle and wish to achieve body rejuvenation.

The Jerusalem artichoke has a very high nutritional value and can be successfully used as an alternative to potatoes. It is easy to grow and is not at all pretentious to heat and watering conditions.

Beneficial properties

The composition of Jerusalem artichoke includes pectins, sugars, mineral salts /silicon, potassium, zinc and iron/, proteins, amino acids and of course a wide range of vitamins.

The Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin, a substance necessary for those suffering from diabetes. There is scientific evidence that regular consumption of peanuts over a long period of time lowers blood sugar levels.

These properties make the Jerusalem artichoke extremely necessary for people suffering from diabetes, and they alone in Bulgaria according to various estimates are about 600,000 people, as well as for those who are at risk of developing this disease.


For this purpose, it is recommended to take 2-3 apples three times a day, preferably 10 minutes before the main meals.

Besides being useful for diabetics, the beneficial effect of the earth apple has also been confirmed in relation to the human digestive system. This has been proven by numerous independent studies and experiments.

The inulin contained in Jerusalem artichoke stimulates the elimination of most of the toxic substances from the body. With food and during digestion, a significant amount of ballast substances enter the intestines, with which inulin binds and thus helps to dispose of the remaining harmful substances.

Inulin also helps to increase the overall activity of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the movement of bile fluid.

The use of earth apple also helps the human body to become more resistant to any kind of infections and viruses affecting the digestive organs.

The useful substances in it do not allow all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and parasites such as lamblia and opisthorchis to enter the body.

In addition, Jerusalem artichoke promotes the formation of normal microflora in the intestines, creating all the necessary conditions for this. That is why it is indispensable for people who suffer from dysbacteriosis.

Jerusalem artichoke is useful for the mucous membranes of the human body, as it stimulates their blood supply.

Consumption of a few earth apples stops vomiting, relieves the feeling of nausea, relieves stomach acid, removes pain syndrome and swelling of the stomach.

If the use of drugs is combined with Jerusalem artichoke, recovery from the treated diseases will occur at least 5-7 days earlier.

Contraindications for the use of earth apple

Fortunately, practically everyone can consume Jerusalem artichoke without worrying. Contraindications to use consist of individual intolerance, overeating and tendency to flatulence.

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