How do hormonal contraceptives work?

These days hormonal contraceptives are a common method of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

But how do you know which hormonal contraceptives are really right for you and if they won’t harm your health?

Hormonal contraceptives (HC) are contraceptives that, in terms of their reliability, safety and comfort, far surpass other measures against conception. p>

According to statistics, HCs prevent pregnancy in 75% of cases.

Their use, if all recommendations and leaflets are followed, provides 98-99% more protection than any other product on the market.

The popularity of this method of protection comes from the fact that it is used by over 70 million women worldwide.

Principle of hormonal contraceptives

The action of HK is based on a change in the levels of female sex chromones – estrogen and progesterone.

Getting pregnant while using hormonal contraceptives is impossible because these drugs change the processes in the body and as a result much more stringy secretion is produced which stops the sperm and it cannot to enter the uterus.

The reason so many women do not believe in the effectiveness of HC, or are skeptical due to health prejudices, is that the first hormonal contraceptive ever produced was indeed dangerous.

It was high in hormones, some of them harmful, some not sufficiently studied, and others simply in excessive amounts.

Today, in the composition of most HC there are only and only hormones that have been studied to the maximum, or in other words, scientists have figured out their every action.

More generally speaking – it is known whether and what side effects can be caused, and if there are any, it is also known how to proceed with them.

Today, most hormonal contraceptives have nearly 50 times less hormone than the first HC that was available on the market.

In addition, the content of hormones is such that it is simply not possible for any woman to get discomfort, disease and even damage, because as mentioned above – science develops every day and prevents yesterday’s mistakes.

Depending on the method of contact between the body and the drug, there are different types of ways to take HC today.

One of the most frequently used is the so-called oral contraception. The pill or tablet is swallowed and enters the stomach.

It is important to note that HK itself bypasses any obstacles in the body such as implants, coils and others, which also contributes to the safety and effectiveness of this method.< /p>

Of course, if you intend to use such medications, be sure to consult a specialist doctor who will explain how, when and why to take hormonal contraceptives .

According to the different mode of action, there are also different types of HC.

One of the most famous is the so-called a mixed pill that, in addition to estrogen, also contains progesterone.

This type is built on the 50/50 principle and is generally safe and quite commonly used.

Most hormonal contraceptives are created on this basis and they are the most common.

Of course, there are many other types and ways to take a hormonal contraceptive, but most of them are practiced by a minimal percentage of women, others are considered dangerous, and others simply fall under the category of unproven and ineffective.


Despite everything you have learned about hormonal contraceptives, their types and ways of use, as well as their composition and action, keep in mind that each organism is individual.

There are women who cannot tolerate certain ingredients of the content of most such drugs, and others have an intolerance to a certain hormone. Therefore, the team advises you to consult a medical professional, who will explain to you how to effectively protect yourself with hormonal contraceptives without having unnecessary health problems.

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