The 8 perfect moments to have sex

It turns out that there are special times when having sex leads to particularly strong sensations.

For example, on certain days of the menstrual cycle or hours before a serious meeting, presentation, job interview.

Can’t wait to learn the details? Read our article to the end.

Important presentation

Research shows that sex balances the nervous system, calms, lowers blood pressure and relieves symptoms of stress.

People who engage in sex before performances in front of a large audience have been shown to be less nervous and perform better. So – dare!

Morning after waking up

Our body is made for early morning sex! In the morning, the testosterone level in the blood is higher, and the body after sleep is full of energy.

Also, the oxytocin produced during sex nurtures a close bond with your partner throughout the day, and endorphins improve your mood well into the evening.

Making love is not a bad way to start the day, is it?

The season of colds

It might be surprising to you, but sex helps boost immunity. And since no one wants to curl up in bed with a thermometer under their arm, with a cough, sneeze and a non-stop runny nose, consider getting yourself fully prepared for cold season.

Day X

It turns out that, for example, on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle the clitoris increases in size by as much as 20 percent, and its sensitivity increases.

This means that on this day it is easier for women to reach orgasm. Usually, in this period of the female cycle ovulation occurs, and along with it the sexual desire increases.

After a workout

After sports, you look rosy-cheeked and refreshed, and the blood flow to the pelvis increases tremendously.

Research shows that 20 minutes of cycling helps to increase vaginal blood supply by 169 percent after watching an erotic film. The comparison is made with a process of sexual arousal without sports.

In addition, sport increases the testosterone level in the blood, and with it the libido.

After a bad day

Instead of drinking a few beers at the end of a hard day, it’s better to make love with your significant other.

Sex, and all other forms of physical contact, even holding hands, relieves stress and improves mood for several days ahead.

Also, there’s nothing stopping you from taking out the anger you’ve built up against your boss in the bedroom. Your partner will surely like this.

Amusement Park

One of the best times to have sex is after you’ve been to an amusement park and experienced something scary – like a gondola ride, a rollercoaster, a carousel that takes your breath away, watching a scary movie.

During such activities, the body releases a huge amount of adrenaline, which leads to excitement. In this way, people become more easily receptive to caresses and love play.

Sex in forbidden places

There is nothing more exciting than having sex in “forbidden” places where you know someone can see you. Whether it will be on the street in the dark, near a bus stop, in a park or just in the elevator, expecting at any moment someone to call him and open the door, all this increases the adrenaline. And along with it the sexual desire.

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