How to keep the romance in the relationship after the birth of a child

Where does that flame in the eyes, the smiling expression or, in short, the external manifestations of love disappear? Does the birth of a child end all “romance” in a relationship between two partners? The truth is that in some married couples this happens.

The appearance of the first child is a serious test of the flexibility of the “family boat”, and often the newly-become parents do not manage to withstand it. According to national statistics, it is during this period that the largest number of young families split up. And everything starts so romantically!

Is it really not possible to preserve the thrill that existed before the appearance of the first child? Of course, it is possible and even necessary – it is important to remember that a child is not an obstacle to love and intimate relationships in a couple, quite the opposite. The most important thing is for the woman to determine correctly and use the opportunities provided to her.

Opportunity #1 – one must realize that the romance in the relationship is done by both partners. It is possible that in the previous period of life, that is, before the appearance of the child, the whole romantic nuance in the relationship was created by the man. But after the birth of the baby, “normal” men experience a change in priority – the man does not consider it necessary to sing to his partner under the balcony or give her 1 million red roses.

On the agenda of the representative of the stronger sex is something completely different, namely how to feed the growing family, as well as provide his wife or partner and his child with everything they need, as well as other things they don’t need that much.

That is why it is the woman who must maintain the “fire” in the relationship. A woman should not be tormented by remorse for not paying enough attention to the child. On the contrary, any child would be happy in a family where his mother and father love each other.

Opportunity #2 – many mothers abandon the long-term care of their appearance and figure. Physiologists say that it is enough for young mothers to devote 15 to 30 minutes a day to physical activity to get back in shape after giving birth.

The same goes for appearance. Hair and manicure can be maintained with visits to a beauty salon only once a month, and in the rest of the time daily care should be taken to preserve them. Young mothers should find the strength to part with a bathrobe and slippers – a woman in a bright colored tank top and jeans will always be attractive in the eyes of her man.

It is not at all necessary for a young mother to undergo “torture” by putting on high heels and other such sex appeal attributes. A woman’s status after giving birth changes, and her clothing can be anything, but she must always look fresh and neat. By the way, with a personal example, the young mother can create the first habits of her child in caring for his appearance.

Opportunity #3 – of course, for a young mother to devote time to herself and her partner, time is needed, and in the period, especially immediately after childbirth, it is not enough at all. Therefore, every woman already in the period of pregnancy planning, it is not bad to think about who she could entrust her child to.

Usually, most ladies rely on their own parents or their husband’s. But this is not always a good choice, as the older generation loves to impose their opinion on the upbringing of the child, and therefore it is better to use the services of babysitters or cooperate with neighbors and friends who are also young parents.

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