Mixers and blenders can cause salmonellosis

If we cook at home, we use the kitchen robot quite often. It is even possible that it is the number 1 appliance in every kitchen.

At the same time, its presence in the home can lead to the spread of dangerous bacteria that cause salmonella.

This is according to the results of a new study by researchers. Scientists from Ireland have decided to find out exactly how salmonella bacteria end up on kitchen items and whether it is possible to avoid infection with this disease.

The results of the research work will quite upset the lovers of food processors, mixers and blenders.

Scientists used three different types of disinfectants during the tests to kill Salmonella bacteria from hard surfaces. In all three cases, their attempts suffered a complete failure – it turned out to be impossible to get rid of the bacteria of the dangerous disease.

Many people who cook at home use regular detergents and kitchen towels to clean the various counters, surfaces, cutting boards, food processors, mixers and blenders that have been in contact with raw meat and poultry.

But it turns out that cleaning and even washing them is not enough to destroy the salmonella bacteria carried by kitchenware and appliances. This makes it entirely possible for an outbreak of salmonella infection to occur at home.

One of the reasons the USDA does not recommend washing broilers until after they are cooked is that during the washing, bacteria will get on all the surfaces in the kitchen where , as scientists have found, it is difficult or even impossible to destroy bacteria.

The Irish scientists’ research also helps explain the mystery of an outbreak of salmonella infection in 10 European countries last year, which left 160 people ill with gastroenteritis.

This happened because in a meat processing plant already prepared meat products for the market were contaminated with raw meat bacteria which was processed in the same workshop.

This led to the intervention of health workers who suggested the possible existence of a bacterium called supersalmonella. According to them, it can retain its vital functions even after food processing and infect other food products.

But the Irish scientists’ research actually shows that all types of Salmonella bacteria have this ability, without exception.

But while processing plants generally obey strict rules to ensure the quality and safety of food processing, people who cook at home need to be more aware of the dangers of salmonella . Every year, because of this disease, 23,000 people are hospitalized and 500 people die.

This bacteria can settle on any surface in the kitchen – the cutting board, the kitchen table, the food processor, mixer, blender and others.

To prevent the spread of this foodborne illness, some safety measures must be followed:

  1. Store raw, not yet prepared food products only in a designated place in the kitchen and do not place already prepared dishes next to them.
  2. Use different kitchen utensils for raw and already prepared foods
  3. Cook any food and don’t serve semi-raw foods

However, don’t let these novelties put you off of the pleasure of preparing your food at home. Just be careful and cautious.

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