How to lift your mood at work

Employers often worry that their employees spend too much of their time drinking tea, and in Bulgaria more coffee. But scientists have proven that coffee breaks during working hours are actually beneficial.

People take a break from work, take a break, go get or make coffee, and this helps them relax /because both coffee and tea contain caffeine and theamine, which help this happen/ .

In this way, the mood of employees improves and they become much more creative and, accordingly, productive.

A person who, in the middle of the working day, has the opportunity to drink coffee or tea, solves the problems that inevitably arise in the dynamic work environment faster.

They are also better at fulfilling their duties and generally feel happier compared to a worker who does not leave the workplace all day.

In Bulgaria, the right to rest during working time is even regulated by law, as according to the Labor Code, every employer is obliged to provide the worker with a minimum 30-minute meal break, which, however, is not included in working hours.

And besides, tea and coffee are aromatic drinks and create a sense of pleasure, and they are usually sweetened. And glucose also lifts the mood and provides energy.

In this way, coffee breaks increase work capacity and increase labor productivity.

The study was conducted by Dutch scientists for a food company.

Suzanne Einotter, author of the study and a scientist, states:

“The results of our study confirm what most of us already know – the coffee break – it’s a sacred ritual! It boosts mood and increases productivity.

During the experiment, the participants were divided into several groups. The first group had to drink a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. The second group was offered sweet food in addition to coffee, and the third group was given only a glass of water.

After that, the scientists made an attempt to evaluate both the changes in the mood and the general condition of the participants in the experiment. They were asked to tell about a happy event, solve a puzzle, go through various tests, draw an alien creature.

Participants who drank coffee performed the tasks better, faster and with greater satisfaction than those who drank only water.

Another study found that people who drank coffee or tea 4 times a day for 6 weeks had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

And recently in China, scientists found that those who drink tea or coffee regularly, 2-3 times a day, get bone fractures less often.

Furthermore, French scientists have proven that tea and coffee help fight heart disease, due to the presence of flavonoids and antioxidants.

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