Does donkey milk have healing properties?

Recently, it became known what are the useful properties of donkey milk, which is gaining more and more popularity and is already used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine.

The results of clinical studies show that it helps those suffering from asthma, eczema and psoriasis who use it or soap derived from donkey milk.

Donkey milk is not at all a new tool in the beauticians’ arsenal. Even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to take a bath every day, which was filled with this precious liquid.

And Pope Francis has repeatedly stated that donkey milk makes him feel like a child again.

Nevertheless, it turned out that this milk has not only properties that make it an excellent cosmetic product, but it also significantly improves human health.

Donkey milk is rich in lactose and contains a minimal amount of fat. Health experts define it as the closest animal milk to human breast milk.

Dr. Fotis Papademas of the Cyprus University of Technology has spent a long time interacting with people who drank donkey milk bought directly from farms.

And he reports amazing results from including this milk in the diet, especially in children with asthma, eczema and other skin irritations.

Donkey milk contains antibacterial enzymes and anti-allergens. According to Doctor Papademas, scientific studies show the high potential of this milk in the fight against allergies and various skin diseases.

Today in Europe, donkey milk is sold in 150 milliliter bottles, the price of which is around 6 euros. In Bulgaria, this type of milk can be purchased from a farm in Serbia, but the price per liter is around 40 euros.

Its high price is due to the fact that female donkeys give only 200 milliliters of milk per day, while the milk yield of cows varies widely from 15-16 liters to over 100 liters per day in some breeds of cows in South Africa.

Specialists recommend drinking no more than 60 milliliters of donkey milk per day, which is relatively affordable for an average Bulgarian household.

Don’t think donkey’s milk tastes bad. Its taste is similar to skim cow’s milk, although it is slightly sweeter.

However, several more serious clinical studies need to be conducted before this milk drink can be widely used.

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