How to prevent breast sagging?

No one likes to hear bad news, but the truth is that sagging of the bust is an inevitable process.

Whether it’s because of birth, breastfeeding, getting older, it doesn’t matter, the facts are the facts.

Sagging is also transmitted through genetics, and in addition, as birthdays progress, collagen in a woman’s body drastically decreases, and with it, elasticity on the skin.

Also keep in mind that breast tissue ages about 2-3 years faster than any other tissue in the body, so this is also essential to breast sagging.< /p>

Don’t ride a bike

If you want to protect yourself or rather slow down the process of aging and therefore sagging, don’t ride a bike.< /p>

Scientists have proven that the movements that occur while cycling are similar to those of a yo-yo.

That is, the skin is constantly stretched and contracted, and over time it will not be able to contract any more, therefore it will remain stretched.

The hard breast tissue becomes looser and looser until the effect of the so-called “old pantyhose” is achieved – looser and looser after each shoe.

Don’t smoke

Even your breasts are affected by the effects of smoking.

Each cigarette smoked slows down and stops blood circulation. Thus, extremely little blood reaches your skin and as a result it weakens its functions, including its elasticity.

Do not expose yourself to sunlight without sunscreen!

Exposure to ultraviolet rays without a protective oil can lead to the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Sunlight has the same effect on the whole body, and if it can give you wrinkles, imagine what it can do to your breasts.

The skin is damaged, collagen production stops and as a result your bust is saggy and out of shape.

Avoid bras that are not comfortable for you

Make sure you wear a bra that fits your figure because it is one of the main factors that determine the condition of your bust.

Besides discomfort and unpleasant feeling, an ill-fitting bra can also damage your bust, not only in appearance, but also cause internal problems.

To find out what bra you are wearing, whether it is suitable for your height, weight and figure, just make an appointment with a doctor or enter a specialist store.

There they will explain exactly what you need so you can take action on your bust.

Avoid the same workouts

Yes, it’s really good to exercise your body, that way you’ll keep it vital, healthy and hydrated enough to to make it look good.

But research shows that it is not good for a woman’s health to do the same workouts over a long period of time.

Scientists say that repetitive contraction and relaxation movements can seriously damage your breasts, as well as affect the synthesis of collagen.

And yet, although proven, this theory remains strange and not accepted by the mass of people who actively play sports.

Sport is health, and health is life. It is always better to exercise even if there is a minimal risk of a certain type of disease because, believe me, if you do not exercise the risk of the same disease will be many times higher big.

It’s a massive trend lately for women to go under the scalpel, submitting to plastic surgery to remove what they don’t like about themselves.

Of course, there are various theories about whether it is harmful, but one of the most established theories is that we should not take away what nature has given us. p>

Try to dress as you are comfortable and not fashionable, exercise your body and don’t overdo anything and you will surely have a nicer bust and with it better health< /strong>.

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