Cardamom is one of the most ancient spices that was imported from the Far East. Its seeds not only have a refined and original taste, but also have healing properties.

During the Middle Ages, the health benefits of cardamom were well known to doctors, they even considered it a true panacea for many ailments and attributed unique healing powers to it.

The health benefits of cardamom can easily be explained by its rich chemical composition. Its seeds contain fatty acids, starch, proteins and trace elements /manganese, copper, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus/.

They also contain ascorbic acid and B vitamins. In addition, cardamom seeds are also a source of valuable essential oils.

It is precisely these oils that give this spice its pungency and bitterness, but at the same time a delicate and pleasant aroma.

Beneficial properties

Cardamom is an excellent stimulant of the immune system. Its beneficial properties include its antioxidant action, which is why it helps cleanse the body of toxins and waste, protecting it from a wide range of diseases of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system.

And the benefit of cardamom seeds in the treatment of obesity has been officially scientifically confirmed. This spice significantly activates fat and energy metabolism, which leads to a gradual decrease in body weight.

In most pharmacies in Bulgaria, you can also find cardamom tincture, which is used to increase appetite, normalize digestion, and prevent bloating, a condition known as flatulence.

The antiemetic properties of this spice allow its decoction or tincture to be used to treat early toxicosis of pregnancy.

The benefit of cardamom is also evident in the treatment of colds. This spice reduces the intensity of painful sensations in the throat, helps to lower a very high body temperature and relieves cough. Cardamom improves color vision and also normalizes the function of the immune system.

This spice has been proven to lift mood and vitality. For this reason, neurologists recommend it to patients with neurological disorders and depressive states.

With a strong feeling of fatigue and bad mood, it is enough for a person to chew one or two cardamom grains and he will immediately feel refreshed and feel a surge of energy.

This spice is an excellent stimulator for the immune system. Cardamom is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs and reduces the expression of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women.

In urology, this spice is used for the complex treatment of diseases of the excretory system – nephritis, cystitis, urethritis.

People suffering from hypertension are recommended to add a little crushed cardamom seeds to coffee or tea, as this spice partially destroys caffeine and allows to avoid an increase in arterial pressure and the development of tachycardia .

Essential oil of this spice can be added to the bath water to improve the condition of the skin. In addition, in this way one could reduce nervous and muscular tension.

But cardamom essential oil is preferably used in minimal doses. In case of pregnancy and presence of skin diseases, it is contraindicated.

Contraindications when using cardamom

Like any other spice, cardamom is quite highly allergenic. It should not be used by people with liver and gall bladder diseases.

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