Is reading text messages while walking dangerous to health?

Today, the role of the mobile phone in human life is difficult to overestimate.

With this device, at any time and extremely quickly we can contact our relatives or friends, work colleagues or acquaintances, to find out from them the information we are interested in.

And that is why every user of mobile services can confirm with full confidence that the mobile phone is an indispensable assistant in human existence, it is useful for anyone who values ​​his time and is not inclined to spends it in vain.

But besides the countless benefits of mobile devices, they can also harm us. For example, a group of American scientists strongly recommends giving up mobile devices. Why this is so – because their use can harm health.

Despite the fact that a lot has been written about the harms of mobile phones, a group of experts from the US National Institute once again found that the use of mobile phones continues to be harmful to health and it while walking.

And not so much the mobile device as reading and writing SMS-messages while moving – it is the performance of this activity that disrupts the normal position of the body and can change its trajectory during movement.

The scientists reached these conclusions after conducting an experiment in which the participants were 20 volunteers of different ages. Their task was to perform no less than 3 activities.

Namely – the participants in the experiment had to read the messages on their phones while walking and immediately write answers to them. And when they did that, the scientists watched their movements.

And the result turned out to be not very reassuring – in all the volunteers there was a change in the trajectory of movement, slowed walking and the worst thing is that the participants twisted their spine.

Because of this, the musculoskeletal system is affected the most and the normal upright position of the body is changed.

But that’s not all! It turns out that head movements while reading electronic messages also negatively affect the vestibular apparatus.

Experts say that in the process of using the mobile phone, a person does not look at the road on which he is moving, and this is especially dangerous for children and adolescents. And it is this distraction that is the cause of many accidents on the roads.

To avoid the numerous problems listed above, the special application for smartphones developed by the Japanese mobile operator Docomo will help.

According to the claims of the developers of the application, upon its activation, reading SMS-messages while walking and driving will become impossible.

The application receives a GPS signal and uses this to fix movement. If a person wants to use their smartphone while walking, they will be warned that it is dangerous.

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