Is the combination of pills with alcohol deadly?

Alcohol in combination with pills can be not only harmful, but also deadly.

Nevertheless, a significant number of Bulgarians use alcohol and take pills at the same time. Medicines are a strictly inadvisable combination, along with any alcoholic beverage.

Scientists from the US conducted a survey among nearly 27,000 Americans. Among them, about 43% used medications that interact with alcohol.

Depending on exactly what the drug is, mixing it with alcohol can bring you very unpleasant health effects, such as drowsiness, dehydration, decreased heart rate< /strong> and difficulty breathing.

However, it is not clear how many of the participants in the study consumed alcohol at the same time as their meds. But according to scientists, there are people who even drink their medicine with alcohol instead of water.

Aaron White, study author and neurologist at the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse said people don’t even realize there’s a problem.

“And there is definitely a problem, and it’s much bigger than most people think!” he added.

“Alcohol is a very bad companion when it goes hand in hand with medications, pain relievers such as ibuprofen, narcotic and others, because it opens up various risks of stomach bleeding,” noted Dr. Karen Gunning, a professor of pharmacotherapy at the University of Utah.

“People need to be aware of whether the medications they are using are compatible with alcohol compounds, just to know if they are at risk,” Gunning added.

“The best information about this can be given by your personal or treating doctor or simply ask your pharmacist.” – specified the professor.

Nowadays, it is a common practice to display an orange label on medicine boxes or leaflets.

In most cases, it symbolizes that the medicine you are taking is not compatible with alcohol, but just in case, read in detail what is written on the leaflet and on the label itself.

Currently, doctors are debating the various trends regarding drugs and alcohol, and specifically what kind of alcohol would be incompatible with drug therapy.

They definitely exclude any type of hard alcohol such as vodka, whiskey, brandy and all types of alcoholic beverages that are high in alcohol.

Even lighter drinks such as rum, mint or various types of liqueurs could be a potential problem for your health if combined with medication.

But the doctors say nothing about wine, red wine.

Whether it is because it is a natural drink, obtained in a natural way, without excessive alcohol content, or because it is simply a low-alcohol drink that has more than one or two health benefits, there is no definitive answer “for” or “against”.


A glass of wine once or twice a week with dinner would not be a problem even if you take some kind of medication, but still in medicine everything is strictly individual and for that it is best to consult your personal physician.

The problem with all this comes from the fact that the people who regularly take some kind of medicine are either around 35-40 years old or in deep old age because, after all , 20-year-olds are much less likely to be ill for a long time.

And as we age and the body’s strength, capacity and endurance decline. Your metabolism invariably slows down, so it breaks down both alcohol and drugs much more slowly.

The simplest example – the sedative valium takes 3 times longer to clear from the body in a 60-year-old than in a 20-year-old.

As we mentioned earlier – everything is strictly individual and we should not be extreme, especially when it comes to our health.

For this, consult a specialist on any health issue that directly concerns you, so that you can protect yourself in time and not end up in the role of a victim.

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