Caracudas are a genus of fish belonging to the Carp family. Their pectoral fin is long, their pharyngeal teeth are single-rowed. Their body is tall, with a broad spine, moderately flattened laterally.

The scales of these fish are large and smooth to the touch. The coloration varies depending on the habitat of this fish.

The golden carp can reach a length of more than 50 cm and a mass of more than 3 kg, the silver (also called common) is usually around 40 cm and the mass up to 2 kg, although individuals up to 60 cm and with a mass of up to 7 -8 kg, it depends on the habitat of the fish and the way it is fed.

Nutritional value (100 grams)

  • Proteins – 17.7 grams;
  • Fats – 1.8 grams;
  • Carbohydrates – 0 grams;
  • li>
  • Mineral salts – 1.6 grams;
  • Caloric content – ​​87 kilocalories.

Carakuda meat is characterized by an increased fat content, but despite its energy value is low, only 87 kilocalories per 100 grams, boiled – 102 kilocalories, and the caloric value of roasted is 126 kilocalories per 100 grams. Moderate consumption of karakuda does not lead to obesity.

Beneficial properties of caracuda meat

Up to 60% of caracuda’s body is suitable for human consumption, which is more than even carp. The fat content reaches 6-7%, and proteins up to 18% of the live weight of this fish.

Karakuda as a fish is perhaps the only food that in such a large amount contains a set of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, C, D, E and group B. It is also rich in iodine, manganese, copper and zinc. A very good source of iodine is, in fact, demersal fish such as carp.

Young people who consume fish in their early childhood have better chances to succeed in school.
Fish is generally a very useful food for the normal mental development of children. Therefore, it is desirable to eat fish at least once a week.

The dependence between intellectual abilities and the amount of fish eaten is significant – visual-spatial and speech abilities increase by 6%.

And this from eating fish only once a week. And the increased amount of fish in the diet of young people, according to Swedish scientists, has become the reason for increasing their mental capabilities almost 2 times.

Caracuda meat, along with chicken, is one of the best sources of high-quality protein, which contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body.

Scientists have found that the inclusion of carp in the diet of pregnant women has a beneficial effect on the vision of the future child.

According to the researchers from the University of Bristol, who established this regularity, the reason for this is the presence of a substance in the fat of the caracuda, which accelerates the maturation of the child’s brain.

The components that have proven to be so important for children are fatty acids necessary for the growth of nerve cells. They are contained not only in fish, but also in breast milk. But they are not included in the composition of the best artificial mixtures.

Therefore, scientists recommend that parents add fish oil to these mixtures intended for artificial feeding of the baby.


Carakud meat is not recommended for individual intolerance. Also, these fish have a lot of bones and therefore should be consumed with caution, especially by children.

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