New Boxer Model Increases Male Fertility?

There are numerous ways to increase male fertility, provided you are trying to conceive a child. Men’s underwear has recently appeared on the market, which is supposed to help in this regard as well.

It is a product of a famous clothing company and is worth $49.

Manufacturers claim that the boxer briefs can protect sperm from the radiation emitted by mobile phones, laptops and tablets, as they act as a shield that consists of a thick metal layer but is as light as cotton .

But does this underwear really increase male fertility?

The boxer briefs are actually a response to scientific research showing that radiation from wireless devices can reduce sperm count, damage their shape and cause erectile dysfunction.

Research published earlier this year by scientists at the University of Exeter, South West England, found that exposure to mobile phone radiation can negatively affect sperm count and sperm quality.

And in previous studies, scientists have suggested that keeping a cell phone in a pocket causes oxidative stress to sperm.

This means that the waves emitted by the mobile device degrade the quality of the sperm and reduce the chances of conception.

As we know, every woman can conceive only once a month and then in a very limited interval of 12 maximum to 24 hours when an egg is released.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 8 couples today have trouble conceiving a child, and according to the statement, cell phone radiation is likely to be one of the causes. In Bulgaria, according to data from the National Center for Health Information (NCHI), there are between 250 and 300,000 couples with reproductive problems.

Boxer briefs are supposed to block this radiation using a protective material around the groin made of a silver conductive material, ie a conductor of electricity.

And that is why it absorbs electromagnetic waves from mobile devices and reflects them away from the testicles.

The manufacturer also states that tests of the men’s underwear using a mobile phone were conducted in several laboratories.

The results showed a 99% shielding effect and only 1% of the electromagnetic rays reached the testicular tissues. The absorption effect is equivalent to that of a sheet of aluminum with a thickness of 0.63 cm.

But male fertility experts are not so convinced of the conclusions of the University of Exeter scientists.

Dr. Joseph Alukal, a urologist who specializes in male fertility at NYU Langone Medical Center, notes that the relationship between radiation exposure and sperm count can only be considered in people undergoing radiation therapy when the exposure is much higher.

The amounts of radiation in this type of treatment are incomparable to those emitted by mobile phones. And if cell phones helped reduce sperm count that much, they would be used as birth control.

Many men who carry their cell phones in their pockets get their wives pregnant.

And when it comes to whether he recommends wearing the underwear made to boost male fertility for men who want to protect their sperm, Dr. Joseph Alukal notes that he wants more data first.

And secondly, he does not look down on the new specific model of boxers, but he is not able to guarantee that it is these boxers that will help to conceive a child.

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