Want to lose weight? Stop counting calories!

At first glance it seems extremely easy – calories are calories no matter the food and if you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume either by exercising more or by eating less.

But anyone who has tried to lose weight in this way knows that it is not so easy and fast. And long-term maintenance of a normal weight seems completelyimpossible for most people, given the minuscule number of those who have managed to keep their weight off over the years.

According to scientists, the problem lies in the perception that calories in themselves are a means to lose weight. In most developed countries there is a big problem with obesity, but until now almost no public prevention measures have been taken .

Bulgaria also has a lot of overweight people, but their number is significantly lower than in the US 32% and the UK 24% of the total population. It is important to note that people are not dying of obesity, but of chronic metabolic disease.

Cardiovascular diseases /CVD/, which also includes stroke are the cause of 66-68% of deaths in Bulgaria in 2013.

And according to the data of the National Center for Health Informationabout 2-2.5 million Bulgarians suffer from this group of diseases. Scientists now hope to isolate ingredients in foods that make them metabolic disruptors in the hope that the incidence of CVD will significantly decrease.

An analysis of a study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition states that considering the number of calories consumed with food ignores very real negative metabolic effects of some ingredients such as simple carbohydrates in popular foods such as white bread and Italian pasta, which is not so well known in Bulgaria.

In addition, the adverse effect on the body of foods with added sugar is ignored, and they are quite consumed in Bulgaria, as they are at extremely low prices.

In the analysis of the above study, it is also noted that the rapidly digestible carbohydrates /FAB/, which are mainly found in the following foods – sugar, high fructose corn syrup /are massively added to the food in the USA , but in Bulgaria more white crystal sugar is used in various productions/, potatoes, white rice, cereals and everything made from white flour are the main reason for weight gain.

BUDs cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, and this stimulates the release of large amounts of insulin from the pancreas.

A sharp drop in blood sugar follows, causing a strong hunger for more carbohydrates.

This is how the overconsumption, which is unfavorable for the body, is reached, which burdens the entire digestive system and the quality of the digestive processes deteriorates sharply.

If overconsumption is not controlled, in the long term, the release of the hormone leptin, whose function is to make us feel full, is blocked.

When we focus on calorie intake, we can become biased towards many healthy foods, especially those high in fat.

The latter in food are more caloric than carbohydrates and proteins, and low-calorie foods are often low in fat.

This causes people to replace a healthy food such as nuts with a lower-calorie one such as low-fat baked potato chips, which are not as high in nutritional value.

The results of a study conducted earlier this year showed that participants who were on a low-carb, high-fat diet lost an average of 4 kg. more than those who were only on a low-fat diet.

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