Papaya is a fruit that is not very common in the latitudes of Bulgaria, and some have not even heard of it, yet our ignorance does not negate the useful properties it possesses.

The usefulness of the papaya has actually been studied for a long time and its qualities have been successfully applied by the people inhabiting the warmer regions of the world, who regularly use this exotic fruit as food.

Most of the beneficial properties of papaya are determined by the specific substance papain contained in it, which has been found to be curative. In the last 10 years, it has also appeared on the Bulgarian markets.

It is interesting that when papaya is roasted on fire, an aroma similar to the smell of freshly baked bread begins to form, and this is where one of the names of the plant originates – breadfruit tree.

A melon tree is called papaya because the taste of this exotic fruit is similar to melon. In addition, the chemical composition and beneficial properties of papaya are similar to those of melon.

Nutritional value per 100 grams

• Proteins – 0.6 grams;
• Carbohydrates – 8.1 grams;
• Fats – 0.1 grams;
• Water – 88.7 grams ;
• Plant fibers – 1.8 grams;


• B1 – 27 μg /microgram/;
• B2 – 33 μg;
• B3 -0.34 mg;
• B5 – 0.22 mg;
• B6 – 0.02 mg;
• B9 /folic acid/ – 38.1 μg;
• A – 5 μg;
• C /ascorbic acid/ – 62 mg;
• E /tocopherol/ – 1.12 mg;
• Vitamin K – 2.63 μg;


• Calcium – 24.3 mg;
• Potassium – 258 mg;
• Magnesium – 10 mg;
• Sodium – 3 mg;
• Phosphorus – 5.7 mg;< br/> • Chlorine – 11.2 mg;


• Iron – 0.1 mg;
• Copper – 16.7 μg;
• Manganese – 10 μg;
• Selenium – 0.6 μg;
• Zinc – 70 μg;< /p>

As stated above, papaya is similar to melon in its composition – it contains many vitamins, which make the tropical fruit very important for strengthening immunity and the body as a whole.

It is also a relatively good source of calcium, which is essential for keeping bones and teeth in good condition, and many other nutrients without which the human body could not function normally.

Papaya – useful properties

However, the high nutritional and medicinal value of papaya is not due to the vitamins, but to the papain, which one cannot get unless he consumes the tropical fruit.< /p>

Papain is a plant enzyme that enhances the hydrolysis of proteins, peptides, amides and essential amino acids.

In its action, this ferment resembles gastric juice, which is why its main purpose is to improve the function of the digestive system and everything related to it.

Papain increases the efficiency of digestive processes, helps the absorption of nutrients, especially proteins and carbohydrates.

The plant enzyme has the property of breaking down proteins and, like pepsin, contributes to the breakdown of fats, although it does not directly affect them.

Thanks to its healing properties, the exotic fruit is recommended to people suffering from protein deficiency, which occurs when the body loses its ability to absorb the proteins taken in through food.

Panain helps the body deal with this problem and start functioning completely normally again.

In addition, this plant enzyme has a beneficial effect on other systems of the human body, as it contributes to the easier removal of toxic substances obtained as a result of metabolism.

Also supports heart function by breaking down the substance fibrin, which affects the formation of thrombosis on the inner walls of blood vessels.

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