Self-control in arterial hypertension

Rules for self-control when measuring blood pressure

The basic rule is – blood pressure is measured in a state of physical and emotional rest. Before the measurement, it is recommended to rest for 5-30 minutes. The arm with the cuff of the blood pressure device placed on it should be at the level of the heart.

Air is rapidly pumped into the cuff until the blood pressure level is exceeded. Whether this goal has been achieved can be determined by the disappearance of the hand pulse. After that, the air from the cuff is gradually deflated and the moments of appearance and disappearance of Korotkov’s tones are recorded.

What is important to know about self-monitoring of blood pressure?

• When a person measures his blood pressure for the first time, it is necessary to put the cuff on the device on both hands – it is considered reliable – the high reading. Subsequently, the BP measurement is performed on the arm on which it was higher.

• It is desirable to measure blood pressure 2 times in a row with an interval of 1 minute. If the difference in the readings of the device during the measurements is significant – more than 10 mm of mercury, it is necessary to make the 3rd measurement.

• Blood pressure should not be measured after consuming caffeine and/or energy drinks. It is not recommended to do this immediately after a meal.

• It is recommended that the patient keep a diary, as this way the treating doctor will more easily analyze the dynamics of blood pressure. If the difference between 2 consecutive measurements is large, it is necessary to record the results of all measurements made.

• If at the time of blood pressure measurement, the patient’s condition differs from the usual, then this should be noted in the diary / for example headache, dizziness, etc./;

• If medicines are taken, this should be reported to the attending physician. Many drugs affect blood pressure in one way or another.

• When measuring blood pressure, the hand must be freed from clothing, it is not necessary to roll up the shirt sleeve or raise the sleeves of the sweater or blouse. This can significantly affect the measurement results.

• The lower end of the blood pressure cuff should be at least 2 cm above the elbow.

The most common mistakes when controlling blood pressure

• The rule for measuring blood pressure at rest is not followed;

• The cuff of the blood pressure device is placed on the arm over the garment;

• When using electronic devices for measuring BP / especially those that are placed on the wrist / the instructions for use of the device are not followed.

• Measurements are not taken regularly, but only when a symptom or combination of symptoms is present that causes concern, such as a headache.

• The stethoscope of the blood pressure machine is placed under the cuff;

• Incorrect cuff positioning. Usually, the cuff shows how to properly fit and fasten it to the shoulder.

About normal blood pressure indicators

The opinion that normal blood pressure is only 120 to 80, but strictly speaking, this is not quite so. To date, the following qualification for normal blood pressure has been accepted.

• Optimal – 120/80 mm g. and below;
• Normal 120/80-129/84 mm g. st.;
• High normal 130/85-139/89 mm g. st.;

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