How we ourselves worsen our health with a cold

There are many misconceptions about the cold. For example, that you get a cold from going out into the street with a wet head or sleeping at the station without a coat.

But there is one undoubted truth – often people with a cold act incorrectly and worsen their symptoms even more.

If you have caught a cold, read our article to the end to learn what not to do if you don’t want to be sick for too long.

Pretending to be healthy

It is never a good idea to pretend to be healthy and just ignore a cold. If you’ve already gotten sick, just take care of yourself.

The body needs enough energy to fight the virus. If you ignore the very fact of the disease, you are lying to your body, especially if your body temperature is elevated.

In this way, you achieve only one thing – worse your condition.

Insufficient sleep

The key to immunity is sound sleep. A study by scientists shows that you triple your risk of catching a cold if you sleep less than seven hours a day.

You need extra rest, especially if your cold symptoms make you sleep poorly and often wake up choking on a cough or half-suffocated by a runny nose .

In this situation, you will need to go to bed earlier or take time during the day for an afternoon nap.

Stress suppresses immunity

Scientific studies have shown that stress increases the risk of colds. Chronic stress leads to permanently elevated levels of stress hormones, which prevent the immune system from working well.

This is another reason to try to live more calmly and avoid worries and stressful situations.

Drinking insufficient fluids

In a cold condition it is necessary to drink more water. Why? Liquids thin nasal secretions and mucus in runny noses, making it easier for the nose and nostrils to clear.

You can drink liquids of any kind – water, fruit juice, hot tea or soup – choose what you like.

Don’t believe the claims that fresh milk leads to the formation of mucus and additional secretions in the nasopharynx – it also works wonderfully for colds and hydrates the body.

Alcohol consumption

Consuming large amounts of alcohol leads to fluid loss and ultimately to dehydration of the body.

In this way, drinking alcoholic beverages exacerbates cold symptoms. What’s more – alcohol makes the work of the immune system harder and can interact with the medicines you take against colds.

Until you feel better or fully recovered, prefer soft drinks.

Abuse of Nasal Drops

Nasal drops are among the most commonly used medications for cold conditions. Always be very careful when using of drops for nose.

In general, they work great, but if taken for a period longer than three days, the runny nose gets worse and becomes more persistent as soon as you stop using the nasal drops.

Cigarette smoking

Smokers often suffer from colds, and their illness lasts longer and is more severe. Smoking damages the lungs and prevents them from resisting viruses.

If you already have a cold, forget about cigarettes for a while and don’t let others smoke around you.

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