The 6 Best Body Warming Drinks

1. Coffee

The caffeine contained in a small cup of espresso completely transforms the body. It acts as a warm-up and prepares us for the upcoming challenges.

Coffee has a tonic effect, both on the brain and the muscles, the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness disappears. And that is exactly what we need in these cloudy, gloomy and frosty days.

However, you should not overdo it with coffee during the day, as large doses of caffeine cause exhaustion of the nervous system and insomnia.

Therefore, people who are used to drinking several cups of coffee a day are better off switching to instant or one with a lower caffeine content.

This recommendation applies precisely to this period of the year, as the day is too short and taking too much caffeine through coffee causes discomfort and general malaise.

And this actually achieves the opposite of the desired effect for higher mental and physical performance.

2. Tea

Tea stimulates blood circulation, thus warming the body. This property is due to the caffeine it contains. In addition, green tea contains more caffeine than black tea.

To enhance the warming properties of the tea, you can add honey, lemon, raspberry jam, ginger extract, as well as various herbs such as lime, mint, thyme and St. John’s wort.

If you drop a little rum in your tea, you get grog. And a teaspoon of lemon balm essential oil helps prevent colds. Essential oil of lemon balm has a very pleasant aroma, which is something like a mixture between lemon and mint.

Milk tea, preferred by the British, is a very nutritious and easily digestible drink that has stimulating and strengthening properties.

3. Cocoa

In terms of its beneficial properties, cocoa is not inferior to coffee or even green tea.

The tonic compound theobromine contained in cocoa powder has an invigorating effect, but at the same time it is much more gentle on the nervous system than caffeine.

Therefore, cocoa can be recommended to those for whom coffee is contraindicated for some reason. He also believes that cocoa products protect the teeth from the harmful effects of sugar.

Cocoa is also rich in proteins /12.9%/, fatty acids, which are contained in cocoa butter, normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Also, cocoa powder is a source of valuable ballast substances and vitamins, especially folic acid /vitamin B9/. And the amount of iron and zinc contained in it makes it a leader among food products.

So a cup of hot cocoa for breakfast is probably the most suitable morning drink in the next 5 months and because it is warm, sweet and nutritious.

4. Hot Chocolate

The most concentrated cocoa drink that is more like a dessert. A small cup of hot chocolate of 50 ml. contains about 300 calories and quickly creates a feeling of satiety.

And therefore it’s a great way to have breakfast and recharge your brain. In addition, chocolate is an excellent antidepressant.

To prepare real hot chocolate at home, melt half a package of dark chocolate in a suitable container on the stove or in the microwave /the cocoa content must not be less than 70%/ .

Then add half a cup of milk or cream to the melted chocolate and stir until the mixture becomes homogeneous, without waiting for it to boil. And the divine drink is ready to drink.

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