The use of fruits prevents stroke and protects against depression

Every one of us knows that fruits are very useful. As food, they are not only a source of youth, health, vitality, but also a natural remedy for many diseases.

Many scientists have already proven that by consuming your favorite fruits, you can not only enjoy their extraordinary taste, but also speed up the process of treating many diseases.

For example, to avoid depression, it is enough to eat at least 2 fruits a day. This fact was established by scientists from the University of Queensland as a result of a study in which 6,000 women from Australia took part.

Young women who consume at least 2 servings of fruit per day are less likely to suffer from depression than those who eat less than this amount.

In this case, scientists failed to find a link between fruit consumption and depression. They note that further research is needed on the differences between fruits and vegetables.

According to the researchers, the difference is due to the fact that fruits, unlike vegetables, contain many anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants, such as resveratrol.

It should be noted that in another study conducted earlier, 33.5% of people with high indicators of mental well-being ate at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

They looked at things optimistically, felt happy, were confident in themselves, had good relationships with others and managed to recover their mental strength very quickly.

Among people eating less than one serving, those with high mental well-being scores were only 6.8%.
Also, just 1-2 pieces of fruit a day was enough to lower the risk from a heart attack or stroke up to 40%.

This is what scientists from the University of Oxford, Great Britain, say, who studied almost 500,000 people for 7 years.

It turned out that people who included it in their menu every day had less heart disease and both types of stroke.

Fruit consumption was characterized by British scientists in 5 categories – “never”, “monthly”, “1-3 times a week”, “every day”. And the more often the people, that is, the study participants, the lower the risk of complications.

Compared to people who ate no fruit at all, those who ate one fruit a day had a 15% lower rate of cardiovascular disease.

Those for ischemic stroke were lower by 25%, and for hemorrhagic stroke – by more than 40%. And also because of this, the systolic pressure /by 3.4 mm Hg / and the diastolic pressure /by 4.1 mm / was significantly reduced in people who love fruit.

However, the researchers did not count the servings of fruit. But those who consumed fruit daily ate 1.5 servings. One small apple or orange is accepted for one portion.

People who did not have health problems at the very beginning, that is, when they started participating in the study, took part in the study.

For 7 years of observation, 19,300 cases of heart disease and 19,689 strokes were registered, in which the ratio between ischemic and hemorrhagic was usual – about 80 to 20%.

Of course, in the studies conducted, the consumption of raw fruits was taken into account, since it is probably clear to most of us that during heat treatment, most of them lose a large part of their nutritional and medicinal properties.

However, some fruits could hardly be eaten if they were not boiled first, such as the quince, which is extremely hard and practically impossible to eat raw.

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