How to take care of skin in winter

During the winter, skin needs careful maintenance and care more than ever.

Thanks to the achievements of modern dermatology, there are already enough effective means to help you keep your skin beautiful, even in the cold.

If you usually use a light lotion, in winter it is worth trying a rich cream, at least on the dry areas of the skin. To reduce the greasy feeling, use a small amount of cream, rubbing it thoroughly into the skin.

Humidifiers such as glycerol, propylene glycol, and hyaluronic acid absorb water from the air. Emollients such as mineral oil or baby oil, jojoba oil, lanolin, and petroleum jelly help compensate for lack of oil in the skin. Most moisturizers include a combination of these two ingredients.

Don’t forget about the humidifier, because the warm and dry air in the room can significantly worsen the condition of your skin.

In winter, no one is immune from dry lips. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and use a lip moisturizer. Apply lip balm or lipstick every time you go out.

Do not spend too much time exposed to strong wind, frost or strong winter sun. Do not lick your lips – the relief will be short-lived, but the condition of your lips will only worsen.

Pay attention to your feet! Painful cracked heels are common, especially in winter. These cracks can lead to infection, and they also cause pain when walking.

For treatment, products based on vaseline are most suitable – smear the feet, then wrap them in nylon, put on socks and sleep like that overnight. After a few days, you will definitely notice an improvement.

Special attention is also needed for the skin of the hands. Your hands can suffer from the cold in winter because of the cold air. Frequent hand washing helps fight bacteria, but only increases the dryness of the skin.

And even if you wear gloves, the hands suffer from the cold much more than the rest of the body. Use a glycerol-based hand cream: apply morning and night, as well as during the day if you feel dry.

Other cosmetics should also be chosen wisely. The Soap should be high in oil. Moisturizing agents that include dimethicone, glycerin, lanolin and mineral oil are perfectly suited for dry skin.

Removing dead skin cells allows moisturizers to better penetrate the skin and have maximum effect. You can use cleansers containing lactic or salicylic acid.

However, some of them can damage dry skin, especially in winter, so it’s best to try them on a small area first. In case you have a problem or very sensitive skin – consult a dermatologist.

Shower also helps to hydrate your skin. However, a long and very hot shower only worsens the situation. Therefore, choose warm water so that the oil balance of the skin is not disturbed. Immediately after showering, apply moisturizing body cream. The best ones are with glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Baby or mineral oil is also an excellent choice.

Protect your hair from drying out! In winter, you don’t have to wash it every day – it’s better to do it at least every other day, as excessive use of shampoo can strip your hair of moisture. Dry your hair naturally or under the air conditioner and avoid grouping dryer and hot curling iron. Don’t forget to wear a hat.

Finally, don’t neglect sun protection. Think it’s impossible to get a sunburn in winter? You are wrong. Skiers and people who practice other winter sports are most at risk because snow reflects sunlight. But even if you’re not on the slopes, you still need sun protection with an SPF factor of 30 or higher.

All these simple but at the same time effective recommendations to help you keep your skin beautiful and healthy during the long winter.

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