They proved the harm of electronic cigarettes

California health officials have announced that e-cigarettes pose a threat to your health and should be strictly regulated like tobacco products.

California has thus joined other US states in cracking down on the fast-growing electronic smoking device industry.

E-cigarettes release carcinogenic chemicals and make users addicted to nicotine. Research is constantly being done that shows the long-term health effects of their use.

The highly toxic molecule acrolein has been found in the vapors of e-cigarettes, which in some brands of cigarettes are present in higher levels than in regular cigarettes.

Acrolein is a chemical compound from the group of unsaturated aldehydes. It is used as a biocide and herbicide in industry.

Its molecule is 40 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide, which was used as a chemical weapon during World War II. Acrolein has a strong negative effect on all human mucous membranes.

The conducted research also found that most models of electronic cigarettes do not have a safety mechanism to control the level of inhaled nicotine.

This is very dangerous because some of the fillers contain very high concentrations of nicotine, which if inhaled by a child can be fatal.< /p>

“New generations of young people will become nicotine addicts if the products remain largely unregulated,” says Ron Chapman, a member of the California health authority.

“It is undoubtedly possible that the fight against tobacco products that has been waged for almost two decades in California may be for naught, thanks to e-cigarettes,” it said in the report.

E-cigarettes heat the liquid nicotine and then you inhale the tar- and other chemical-purified vapor. The creators of e-cigarettes say that by using their products, you reduce the risk of diseases and they are far safer than tobacco.

The electronic cigarette does not in any way remove the conditioned reflex of the smoker, and this is an essential part of the path of totally giving up tobacco smoke. Research shows that even non-smokers who stand in a room where smoking takes in as many harmful substances as if they had smoked five cigarettes.

Gregory Conley, chairman of a group that advocates for e-cigarettes, said in an email.” Smokers deserve reliable and accurate information about the relative risks of different nicotine products, not hysteria and assumptions based on false reports.

The California report called for restrictions on the trade and sale of e-cigarettes, protection against accidental ingestion of liquid nicotine and an awareness campaign about the dangers of using e-cigarettes.

California has already banned the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors since 2010.

A state senator introduced legislation this week that would regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products and ban their use in public places such as hospitals, bars and schools. A similar bill was defeated last year over opposition from tobacco companies.

Other parts of the US, including Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas, have already issued bulletins warning against the use of e-cigarettes.

And despite all opinions, the business reports an increased interest in electronic cigarettes. A study confirms that many people buy these products precisely because of the indoor smoking ban. A large number of people combine the e-cigarette with smoking cigarettes when they are out or at home.

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