Top 10 best healthcare systems in the world

Health care should be one of the top priorities of any government. In some countries, healthcare is amazing. Health systems are truly designed to care for the health and well-being of their citizens. Although in some countries health insurance is a bit more expensive, in the countries listed below the health care system is organized as it should be – people are its main priority.

Here is the list of the 10 best healthcare systems in the world.

10. Cuba

The Cuban government is known for many controversial moments. But when it comes to their health care system, one thing is certain, Cubans are guaranteed preventive care. Health workers strive to teach people to follow all the rules of proper nutrition, effective physical activity and excellent hygiene. In Cuba, there are medical workers who do home inspections, so they personally make sure that the health status of the households is developing well.

9. Italy

Most citizens in Italy do not have private health insurance because their government is able to cover most of their health needs. It is truly astonishing given that this country allocates the smallest percentage of its citizens’ taxes to health care. The leaders in this regard are the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Switzerland. Italy has a truly enviable life expectancy. The average Italian life expectancy is 80.5 years, making Italy 12th in the world. Whether the Italian chooses public or private health care, he is confident that he is receiving quality health care.

8. Japan

The average life expectancy in Japan is 86 years. This is undoubtedly an indicator that they have advanced in the healthcare of their citizens. Japan also boasts low per capita health care costs. In this respect, it is a leader in Asia. Japan has one of the best treatment rates for a number of diseases. In terms of treatment efficiency, it is among the leaders in the entire planet. In Japan, infant mortality is only 3 cases for every 1000 live births.

7. France

In recent years, France has been considered to have the best healthcare system in the world. This is because they have a universal health care system that is financed through health care, which is based on the income of each individual. The money goes directly to the health fund and therefore, the government is able to reimburse almost 70% of the medical bills of its citizens.

The French can choose who treats them. It is even allowed to consult more than one doctor within the same day. Most of the French choose the best health care. According to a study, it was found that France has the lowest death rate for diseases that could be prevented with basic health care.

6. Germany

In Germany, health insurance is compulsory. These insurances are purchased by non-profit funds. In addition to health insurance, Germans set aside 8% of their salaries. This money goes to a sickness fund.

Those who do not have the necessary means can benefit from public health care. Child care is covered by the fund, which is filled by taxpayers.

There are numerous disease management programs in Germany. They have found that when doctors or nurses regularly monitor their patients through counseling, rates of common diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes are significantly reduced. Many of the German doctors think that their salaries are low.

5. Great Britain

Great Britain boasts one of the most streamlined healthcare systems. In addition to providing health insurance for every citizen, the government is responsible for hiring doctors and hospital workers. So when the patient goes to a medical facility, he knows that all the services he will use are already prepaid. Yet most drugs are not covered. The government has also set a threshold of $45,000 on health services. In cases where this amount must be exceeded, there is a special National Institute of Health that approves the requests.

4. Canada

Canadians enjoy enviable health care, which is funded through their income and sales taxes. Unlike the British system, all doctors and hospitals are private. However, Canadians only have to pay for dentistry, optometry, and some prescription drugs.

3. China

One of the most pressing issues facing China is related to their healthcare system. A few years ago, China embarked on an incredible health reform. The Chinese government allocates US$124.0 billion for health care, ensuring that at least 90% of the population will have health insurance. As of today, over 700,000 new clinics are being built in the country for its citizens.

2. Switzerland

The Swiss have had a universal healthcare system since 1994. Swiss citizens are covered by private insurance. Switzerland is said to be the most expensive healthcare spender, second only to the US. Unlike the US, however, insurance in Switzerland is not based on employment. Citizens choose from a wide variety of private pension funds. And those who cannot afford it can receive subsidies from the government. Private insurance companies are not allowed to speculate on the cost of basic health care too much. Price variations are allowed only for dentistry and alternative medicine.

1. Taiwan

The Taiwanese government pays for the health care needs of all its citizens. It is able to cover the needs of the population as they have practically drastically reduced the costs of health care. All citizens have a special smart card. These chip cards contain the patient’s medical history since birth. The information allows doctors to diagnose any health problem. This model significantly reduces administration time. Taiwan’s healthcare system is based on employment, therefore, subsidies are given to the elderly and those who cannot afford healthcare services.

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