Top 3 ineffective, outdated medicines that Bulgarians use

When people buy a certain drug that their parents used to buy, for example a standard pain reliever, they usually don’t think about how effective it is and whether it could cause irreparable damage to their health, as they start to accept it without having read its instructions for use.

There are also not a few cases in which some medicine is bought to help a neighbor, friend or relative.

Taking medication without prior research and a doctor’s prescription is strongly not recommended, as instead of treatment it is possible to achieve the opposite effect and many health problems.

Also, people usually do not listen to what the pharmacist suggests and buy drugs that they think are cheap and effective because they themselves took them in childhood or saw their parents do it.

But science does not stand still, including pharmacology, so it is better for a person to buy new medicinal preparations that have already proven their effectiveness and not to prefer the old ones.< /p>

Too many medicines in pharmacies are bought out of habit and the instructions for the use of the medicines are usually forgotten.

Namely, this leaflet gives a person the opportunity to know how to properly take the preparation and whether it makes sense to buy it at all and whether it would provide the positive effect expected from its application.


Such drugs are already morally outdated and they often not only do not work as expected but can also cause long-term damage.

1. Analgin /metamizole sodium/ – is probably familiar to most of us

This medication has long been banned in a number of European countries, where it has not been available for 20 years, such as But in Bulgaria, after a short search on the Internet, you can easy to find that analgin is freely available from major online pharmacies. But these prohibitions apply only to its tablet form.

To its injectable form for now they do not apply.

What are these contraindications?

Metamisole sodium – the active ingredient of analgin, is extremely harmful to the gastric mucosa and negatively affects the liver, kidneys and worsens hematopoietic function .

2. Biseptol

The drug was considered a salvation from troubles in the distant 80s, it has long lost its effectiveness. The medicine was used in various infections when it was and was not needed without any thought of the consequences. However, it was later found that the medication is not harmless at all.

First of all, biseptol often causes allergic reactions, has a toxic effect on the body, and its intake has a bad effect on the kidneys.

Furthermore, with longer use, the body can get used to it and the microorganisms it is aimed at do not react.

The use of antibiotics is considered more gentle, depending on their class, they affect certain microorganisms and are not deposited in the liver and kidneys.

3. Tetracycline – in the next place on this list

Long ago morally obsolete drug and in practice its application is ineffective. It adversely affects the hematopoietic process and should be taken only after a doctor’s prescription.

It is also toxic. Modern antibacterial preparations are much better and more effective, so it is much better to buy them, but, of course, after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

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