What are the alternative ways to protect yourself from the flu?

During the cold winter months, the flu and the cold are what everyone wants to protect themselves from.

People have different methods of dealing with this problem, some use folk remedies such as hot showers, eating garlic, etc., others exercise actively and eat healthy, and others suppress the symptoms with antibiotics.

Your doctor will of course recommend that you get vaccinated against the flu. But the flu vaccine is only effective in 23 percent of cases, or in other words, every 5th vaccinated person fails to get sick.

Today we will introduce you to several alternative ways of prevention and treatment that do not require expensive antibiotics and drugs with side effects.

These few methods will help you deal with the problem if you already have it, and if not, rest assured that you will be much better protected against the flu!

Dr. Lee of the American College of Physicians recently gave an interview on the subject, and we have synthesized it so that it will be convenient and useful for you, the readers.

  1. Flu vaccine

Despite what we have said about it, there is no denying that this vaccine helps. Whether you get the flu if you’re vaccinated or not is God’s business, but even if it’s 23%, you can still try, still the vaccine is a better alternative than pills and antibiotics.

  1. Get some fresh air

Get out of work on your lunch break to get some fresh air instead of sitting at your desk or smoking with colleagues.

Furthermore, if it is a sunny day, you will also be able to synthesize some vitamin D, which, as you already know, is infinitely useful and irreplaceable for our body< /strong>.

What you may not know is that people with lower vitamin D levels are much more prone to respiratory infections.

Get out, get your feet wet, give your brain the rest it needs and your body the vitamins it needs.

  1. Wash your hands often

This is part of the “old school” and “grandmother’s cure” health tips, but at the expense of this is an extremely simple rule that helps not only against flus and colds, but also against many more dangerous diseases!

This is the most effective method of removing bacteria from our hands. You simply cannot imagine how many germs are in your workplace or even on the keyboard whose buttons you are pressing right now!

  1. Hold your breath

Forcible respiratory actions such as coughing and sneezing play a key role in the transmission of respiratory diseases.

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts advise when you see a person who has coughed or sneezed a while ago, turn to the other side and hold your breath for about 10-15 seconds.

This way you will stop the invasion of the germs lurking in the atmosphere and you will protect yourself from possible infection.

  1. Keep your nose warm

A recent study proves that it is good to wear a scarf that also covers the area around the nose during the winter months.

Keeping your nose warm will help your body build stronger immunity.

  1. Avoid excessive alcohol use

Alcohol can compromise your immune system. Take a look at these lines before you decide it’s Friday night again and need a proper shower!

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