What are the best ways to deal with aging

Unexpectedly, scientists have found that old men can feel young again by playing pool while drinking beer.

These two things combined are an excellent way for a man of decent age to rejuvenate.

Researchers from the Danish University of Copenhagen, led by Asuka Lassen, made a completely unexpected conclusion.

They claim that playing pool with a glass of beer in hand is the best way to rejuvenate the body.

The words of the Danish scientists were confirmed during an experiment in which studies were conducted in 2 nursing homes, also located in Copenhagen.

Studies have found that men over the age of 70 feel much better and younger if they play billiards regularly.

This game is considered best for the elderly as it combines both activity and periods of rest.

After a few hits with the cue, the player can rest and relax while waiting for his opponent to make his attempt to put one or more balls into one of the 6 pockets on the pool table.

If this sports entertainment is accompanied by a glass of beer, the chances of a person feeling younger increase several times.

As it turned out from a study conducted by Danish scientists, beer contributes not only to the growth of the belly, but also to the active communication and socialization of men in old age.

As a result of these 2 elements of the peculiar cocktail of youth, the mood and quality of life of men over 70 years of age improves.

In addition, in this way they also avoid various diseases that pensioners suffer from, as they enjoy life.

According to Asuka Lassen, very few of the representatives of the old generation can engage in physical activity for more than 5 hours, and playing billiards allows a person to maintain their tone for such a period of time.

I have to remind you that a few decades ago, doctors categorically forbade the elderly to engage in physical activity, which, according to them, was too dangerous for their health.

As entertainment, they offered pensioners to play cards or chess. Today, these prohibitions are considered completely false, recommending an active lifestyle at any age.

At the same time, elderly people can choose for themselves various leisure activities, with which they can improve their quality of life and be part of the group of people who grow old without losing their vitality and social activity.

But many of these activities useful for elderly people are not included in a list of the correct and appropriate ones for this group.

For this reason, the scientists proposed playing billiards and beer in the list of officially recommended activities for “active old age” by health organizations in Europe.

It should be noted that the current recommendations of the Danish scientists do not apply to women.

A few years ago, the results of research conducted at the University of Connecticut State, USA, came out, which showed that the perception of the taste of beer depends on the activity of a specific taste receptor responsible for the bitter taste.

This receptor is encoded by a special gene. In the human genome, it can be present in several modifications, with receptors distinguished by their sensitivity.

In people who have the active “version” of this gene, which makes beer and other alcoholic beverages too bitter and tasteless for them. For reasons not yet understood, women from the first group, that is, with the active gene, are several times more than men.

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