What are the natural cold remedies?

A cold is perceived as something very dangerous, from which many complications can occur.

But let’s be real, how many colds have you had that weren’t cured by day two after a few chicken soups?

Even without taking medication, it remains one of the most easily curable diseases, simply because on the scale of diseases, the common cold ranks last.

Despite all the “universal drugs” that treat kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, venereal diseases, and even a cold, think if there were such super powerful medicines in your grandmother’s time.

The fact is that there are medicines that do not require BGN 200 for medicine, but are special prescriptions against cold and flu.< /p>

  1. Drink plenty of fluids

The American Lung Association recommends 8 glasses of water or home-squeezed juice a day when trying to get rid of < strong>cold.

Hydration helps to moisten the lining of the nose and throat, which makes the mucus that is lodged in your body easier to clear for cleaning.

Remember not to drink alcohol when you are sick and it is good to limit coffees to 1 a day to avoid dehydration.

  1. Use a humidifier

This will also help keep your stuffy nose and sore throat moist, especially when the high temperatures in the winter months temperatures at home make the air too dry.

  1. Try salt water

This is a liquid that looks like nose drops and can be found in larger stores and pharmacies.

Only, instead of nose drops, it has salt water in it. Tilt your head, bring the bottle closer and sniff the water.

Let’s not lie, the feeling is disgusting, but you will definitely know in the morning that it was worth it!

  1. Eat Chicken Soup

A US Chief Medical Officer Says: “There is definitely some truth to the old adage about chicken soup >.”

“The composition of this dish is such that when it is properly cooked and served warm, chicken soup is able to break up mucus deposits in the body.”

  1. Take zinc lozenges

Many people have conflicting opinions about the success of zinc as far as to treat a cold.

But according to more recent research, it appears that the zinc content has what it takes to reduce the symptoms of the common cold.

  1. Take Vitamin C

It is so legendary for its anti-cold effects that some even associate it with chicken soup.

Vitamin C is sure to shorten the duration of your cold, ease its symptoms and make you feel great.

For maximum effect, we recommend you get it from the fruit shop, not the pharmacy.

Hot peppers, lemons, oranges and kiwi are some of the richest products in this vitamin, so don’t hesitate and help your health!

  1. Massage your nose

Newly hyped trend, but studies show that this strange method has its benefits and fights cold strong> with success.

Studies show that massaging the acupuncture point located at the bottom of the nostril can help clear the nose of secretions that clog it. p>

As you can see there is truth in the old remedies, even the harsh word of science confirms it, but the choice of how to heal and stay healthy is yours, whether through synthetically produced products or through what nature > provides us.

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