What foods cause constipation?

Constipation can be due to an incorrect diet, inappropriate combination of individual foods or consumption of hard-to-digest foods.

Foods that do not require effort from the digestive tract to digest have even been found to contribute to constipation.

It turns out that even the most ordinary and favorite foods can become the cause of problems with the frequency of bowel movements.


The favorite delicacy of most of us not only improves the mood, but can cause obesity and disruption of the function of the digestive system with excessive and constant consumption.

Scientists believe that the high amount of fat in chocolate slows down the digestive processes. Delayed intestinal peristalsis leads to problems emptying the intestinal contents, fermentation of undigested food in the intestines and increased gas formation.

In Germany, a study was conducted in which people suffering from constipation were surveyed. And the scientists found that most of the patients consumed excessive amounts of chocolate.

Milk and milk products

Dairy foods such as milk and cheese in excessive amounts can cause constipation.

Lactose, contained in all dairy foods, increases the formation of gases, which leads to disruption of intestinal function.

Iranian doctors conducted a study among children aged 1 to 13 and found that the most common cause of constipation was excessive consumption of dairy products.

When milk and cheese were excluded from the portion, in almost all children /80% of them/, the frequency of defecation normalized and flatulence and bloating stopped bothering them.

Green Bananas

Bananas are a true mystery for the intestines. Unripe ones cause constipation, and ripe ones act as a laxative. Green bananas contain a lot of starch, which is difficult to digest and this process requires a lot of time.

And in the ripe ones it is the opposite, there is less starch, but more of the useful pectin. This compound removes excess fluids from the tissues, but if you drink little water, it can negatively affect the intestinal function and this will only make the situation worse.


This alkaloid affects intestinal function, just like bananas. Caffeine is a natural stimulant and peristalsis is accelerated.

But if the body’s cells are dehydrated, the action of the compound contained in the coffee is determined to be negative. And it is associated with worsening constipation and many other accompanying health problems.

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