What illnesses do businesswomen most often suffer from?

How often do businesswomen get sick? Nowadays, equality between men and women is not questioned. Talented and educated women open their own businesses, become heads of large companies, conquer Everest anddive into the depths of the underwater world.

Almost all of us know that without good health it is very difficult to achieve success in career or social life.

In order to conquer the world, the businesswoman must be in good physical shape. And constant stress, lack of sleep, meals on the go inevitably lead to health problems.

Experts from the pharmaceutical company “Takeda” of all diseases that affect women in the 21st century have identified 3 of the most common.


They are probably the most harmless. But they always appear suddenly and too often become an obstacle for women on their way to success.

The lack of vitamins, constant stress, lack of sleep – all these factors negatively affect immunity, making women more susceptible to infections.

No one is immune from colds, the most likely to “catch” ARVI exists in busy indoor places, such as in the office.

The most important rule in the most risky period for colds – this is prevention. A business woman cannot afford to get sick.

That is why it is necessary to take care of your health through regular physical activity and consumption of foods rich in vitamins.

If, nevertheless, the business lady becomes ill it is advisable to limit visits to places where there are people, especially indoors. Also, too close contact with sick people should be avoided and hands should be washed more often.

A big mistake is to get a cold on your feet, because pathogens /bacteria and viruses/ can affect any of the internal organs and cause an exacerbation of chronic diseases or lead to serious complications such as sinusitis , bronchitis or pneumonia.


Medical statistics show that about 45% of adults suffer from various sleep disorders. The main reason for insomnia is nervous tension and constant stress.

Attempts to fall asleep can last for several hours, a person falls asleep shortly before dawn or fails to fall asleep at all. In addition, the condition is accompanied by anxious and obsessive thoughts.

To deal with this problem it is necessary to observe the daily regime – falling asleep and waking up should take place at the same time every day, even on weekends. Physical exercise before dinner would be helpful, for example an hour’s walk and airing the bedroom before going to bed.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Digestive disorders affect adversely the whole organism. Statistics show that more than 90% of the world’s urban population suffers from some kind of digestive disease system.

The reason for this is a disturbed diet, excessive consumption of fast food and baked and spicy foods.

The best prevention of these diseases is a balanced, proper diet and reducing the consumption of unhealthy foods.

Specialists in dietary nutrition recommend that we give up everything baked, salty and spicy and pay attention to stewed foods.

It is also desirable to often go out in the fresh air, saturating the blood with oxygen accelerates the metabolism in the body. In addition, the condition of the nervous and circulatory system also improves.

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