What is andropause?

It turns out that women aren’t the only ones going through menopause.

A similar phenomenon is also observed in men, but scientists are still not completely unanimous, because in men the symptoms are not so clearly expressed and not so defined in time.

In any case, the strong half of the society has effects similar to those of the ladies, which are caused by a reduced amount of the male sex hormone testosterone.

According to experts, middle-aged men experiencing menopausal symptoms could experience significant improvement when taking the hormone testosterone.

What is male menopause?

Since, as we have said, in men this period is not as clearly distinguishable as in women, some doctors deny the existence of menopause in men.

Actually, what we are talking about is rather a gradual decrease in testosterone production in men. It happens to all men to varying degrees, but in general it can be summarized that the production of the hormone decreases with age.

This can cause in men a number of symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, sexual problems and depression.

Unlike women, whose ovaries completely stop production after menopause, men can produce seminal fluid even after 80 years of age. However, around 45-50 years of age, the work of the testicles slows down to a certain extent, and after 70 years of age, it slows down significantly.

How is male menopause diagnosed?

To diagnose male menopause, a doctor must do blood tests to determine hormone levels. In addition, some physical testing is done. All tests performed will determine whether it is a reduced amount of male sex hormones or other health problems.

How is this condition treated?

If it is proven that the condition is the result of low testosterone, the doctor can carry out hormone therapy and help you get rid of symptoms such as easier fatigue, reduced sexual interest or depression.

However, it is not always good to apply such treatment because this hormone replacement therapy, like the same hormone replacement therapies in women, can lead to some risks. It is believed that men undergoing such therapy are at an increased risk of prostate cancer, which is a much more serious condition than lack of sexual desire or fatigue.

Very often, doctors are more inclined to recommend men not hormone replacement therapy, but simply some healthy lifestyle changes that can actuallywork wonders.

Antidepressants can be prescribed for depression if the patient’s condition requires it, and an overall effect can be achieved with a healthy diet and increased physical activity and sports.

If you suspect that you are in the period of andropause (this is the name of menopause in men), you could visit your personal doctor who knows your health well and ask him the following 6 important questions:

1. Ask if your andropause needs treatment;

2. Ask if hormone replacement therapy is a good solution for you or if you can improve with other means (sports, diet);

3. What effects can be expected from such a possible therapy and how you can deal with them;

4. Ask if you are at risk for heart disease;

5. What lifestyle changes can be made;

6. How to choose an appropriate exercise program according to your needs;

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