What is worth knowing about women’s infidelities?

Why do we even need to know anything about female infidelity? Until recently, it was believed that only men cheat because of their hereditary characteristics. A recent study showed that pattern is fully valid for the fairer sex.

It turns out that a woman’s tendency to cheat is genetically programmed. According to the results of the study conducted by scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia, infidelity in some women is “programmed” by certain genes. Researchers have found that 40% of women who are unfaithful to their partners or dream about strange men have this heredity. The predisposition to infidelity is a result of the presence in the human genome of the altered gene “AVPRIA”.

According to Brendan Zitsch, the psychologist who conducted the study, it confirms that women’s desire to cheat is guided to some extent by their genes.

Data from 7,300 couples in serious relationships were analyzed as part of the study.

With a special test, scientists discovered partners who cheat. Its results showed that the number of people who participated in the study and who were unfaithful to their partners was relatively large: 9.8% of men and 6.4% of women.

In addition, some of them had several intimate partners. However, it should be noted that not everyone was telling the truth when taking the test. Some people tend to exaggerate and others to downplay their sexual exploits.

The authors intend to continue their research in this direction, since the interaction of genes as a whole has not been studied. However, considering the influence of only one gene is not quite right.

A person’s behavior is influenced by many factors, so in this case, it is most likely several component behavioral elements that push women to cheat.

However, the results of previous studies show a direct relationship, the tendency to cheat is guided by one or another heredity.

For example, American scientists previously proved that a certain mutation in dopamine receptors, which a person inherits from parents, can affect his desire to do bad things and even harm others.

Human values ​​define infidelity as one of the worst acts. Therefore, the data obtained in the course of the American research on dopamine cells, can also point as one of the possible reasons for the predisposition of some women to cheat.

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