What vitamins increase sexual desire

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of vitamins. But few of us think that their deficiency could affect our sex life.
A recent study by Australian scientists showed that intimate desires and opportunities are largely determined by the balance of 4 substances.

This applies to vitamins E, A, C and vitamins of group B. Violation of their amounts in the direction of reduction and the ratios between them affects the levels of sex hormones, the condition of the mucous membranes and the blood supply to the genitals.

This also affects the attraction and the physical possibilities for sexual activities.

1. The almost eternal engine

The first two of the vitamins listed below belong to the group of fat-soluble, that is, they are absorbed only in the presence of fats – vegetable oil, cream, etc.

Vitamin E /tocopherol/ – performs functions in several directions. Before and during intimacy, blood is directed to the genitals in both men and women.

And in this connection, in men, an erection occurs, and in women, the mucous membrane of the vagina is moistened. With vitamin E deficiency, these processes are weakened and slow down.

In women, vitamin E is directly involved in the synthesis of sex hormones /estrogens/, which are also responsible for arousal processes.

Vitamin A /retinol/ – is extremely important for the synthesis of male sex hormones in the body. In men, vitamin A penetrates the testicles and contributes to the increase in the amount of testosterone produced, thereby suppressing the synthesis of female hormones estrogens.

However, there is no reason to worry that vitamin A could lead to increased “masculinity” in women, since testosterone is produced in minimal amounts in them.

On the other hand, retinol is essential for the formation of the natural moisture layer of women’s mucous membranes. In case of deficiency, the vagina and deeper tissues become dry.

2. Reliable support

The other large group of vitamins are water-soluble vitamins – they are excreted from the body through sweat and urine and are easily destroyed by heat treatment.

Vitamin C /ascorbic acid/ – protects the walls of blood vessels from atherosclerosis, keeping them elastic and able to expand easily.

Filling with blood, the vessels in the lower part of the buttocks provide men with a reliable erection, and women with moistening of the genitals and a deep orgasm.

In addition, vitamin C participates in a chain of biochemical reactions for the formation of the hormone adrenaline. This is the “stress hormone” that is formed during any strong arousal, including sexual.

Vitamin B1 /thiamine/ participates in the process of energy formation. If there is a deficiency of this vitamin, a person will lack the energy to be aroused for the very process of sexual intimacy.

Vitamin B2 /riboflavin/ – provides energy and desire for excitement.

Vitamin B3 /pantothenic acid/, vitamin B4 /choline/, vitamin B8 /inosine/ are necessary for maintaining the sexual activity of men. They participate in the processes of transmission of nerve impulses that awaken sexual desires and fantasies and are a signal for the synthesis of testosterone in the testicles.

Vitamin B6 – in the presence of a deficiency of this vitamin, a person becomes obese, experiences a constant feeling of weakness, lethargy, sleepiness and is not inclined to spend energy on sex.

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