White shark

Almost all people know what the great white shark is, but few are aware that it also has another name, Carcharodon. This is not only the largest shark, but also the most bloodthirsty representative of this genus.

An adult individual can reach up to 8 meters. Many people call this fish “white death” because these predators often attack swimmers.

The shark inhabits the moderately cool and warm waters of the World Ocean and swims at a depth of up to 30 meters. The spine of this predatory fish is not white, but rather gray, but sometimes it is also blue-gray.

Her belly is almost white, and her dorsal fin is black. Only the largest sharks are blue-white in color.

The white shark’s favorite food is catfish that inhabit the ocean waters near South Africa. Smaller individuals prey on small fish such as tuna, newborn dolphins or turtle.

But when the great white shark reaches a size of 3 and over 3 meters, it begins to feed on the larger inhabitants of the ocean.

It should be noted that white shark meat is among the perishables. Therefore, it is important to remove the head and body cut no later than 7 hours after capture.

Then it is salted, marinated or simply frozen. Processed meat can be stored for quite a long time in the refrigerator.

Nutritional value of 100 grams of white shark meat

• Proteins – 45.6 grams;
• Fats – 8.1 grams;
• Carbohydrates – 0;
• Water – 6.1 grams;
• Energy value – 130 kilocalories;

Raw shark meat is distinguished by an increased content of proteins and fats – 130 kilocalories per 100 grams, and that of shark tar – 142 kilocalories.

The calorie content of shark meat, baked in breading – 228 kilocalories. As a food suitable for human consumption, shark meat is fatty and is not recommended to be consumed in large quantities by people who suffer from excess weight.

Beneficial properties

As in any other ocean fish, shark meat contains a huge amount of macro and micronutrients. They form a complex of nutrients that make up the living protoplasm of the cells.

This food group is extremely important because it normalizes the functions of all organs and systems of the human body. Shark meat contains vitamins of group A and B, as well as copper, phosphorus, calcium salts and iodine.

The liver of a white shark is a real mobile natural pharmacy. This is the name given to it by many specialists. This is related to the fact that such important substances as alkylglycerol and squalene are present in this organ of the shark.

Most of us probably know that the latter is a natural antibiotic that is very similar to ampicillin, but much stronger. Another difference is that squalene does not cause any side effects.

Treatment with preparations created on the basis of this substance lead to the complete elimination of inflammations, infections and even the most resistant types of fungi.

Alglycerol is an immunostimulator and a very effective one at that. This compound helps destroy cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and also normalizes the function of the circulatory system.


According to scientific studies, white shark meat is susceptible to mercury accumulation. It is obvious that the consumption of such meat would cause colossal harm to health.

Mothers-to-be are especially sensitive to mercury-contaminated meat and during the period of breastfeeding the newborn. The high content of this metal has a negative impact on the developing brain cells of the growing baby.

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