Why do men produce different amounts of sperm?

Many of us ask ourselves disturbing questions related to masculinity, erection, including the amount of sperm that is released during ejaculation.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the amount of sperm released during intercourse has anything to do with orgasm, how good a man feels during intercourse, and the time since the last orgasm.

We sought the opinion of an expert, Dr. Michael Ingber, a urologist at the Center for Women’s Specialty Health in Denville, New Jersey, and an assistant professor of clinical urology at Weill Cornell Medical College.

According to him, the amount of sperm produced has nothing to do with how good the sex was between the sheets.

But on the other hand, it shows how active the male partner was. The more repeated ejaculations he had, whether through sex or manual stimulation, the lower the sperm count, Ingber says.

This can be explained by the fact where the sperm comes from – from the seminal vesicles and the prostate. “The rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles in the man, along with the cavernous muscles, actually propel the sperm,” says Ingber.

After the initial ejaculation, there is physically less volume in these organs, along with less intense pelvic floor contractions.

Therefore, scientists believe that the amount of sperm produced is different for different people. “The typical amount of sperm released in one ejaculation is from 1.5 ml to 6.0 ml,” says Ingber and specifies that in the first, minimum case it is about a third of a teaspoon, and in the maximum it is a little more than a spoon.< /p>

It is also important to note that the amount of sperm produced – either more or less, does not mean that someone is less or more fertile.

It is known that if it has been a long time since the last ejaculation, a man is likely to produce a lot more sperm during his current orgasm. However, the amount of sperm he produces has very little to do with the fertilizing abilities of his swimmers or how great the sex was.

In short, 99 percent of the time there is no clear answer to why one man produces less sperm than another. Research has been done that says the lower sperm count is due to age, physical health and bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and others, but an exact scientific answer as to why this is so is lacking.

For some men, however, the abundant amount of sperm produced is a matter of honor and personal self-esteem. Here’s what you can do to enjoy more of your swimmers.

One of the first things is to get rid of extra pounds. Limit fatty foods to a minimum in your menu, and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. This will in any case improve the quantity and quality of sperm.

It is good to get rid of stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. They have a direct harmful effect on male reproduction and in many cases are at the bottom of impotence.

It has been proven that the sperm count in smokers is about 20 percent lower. The same is observed with drug users, whether it is heroin or just a mild opiate.

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