5 ways to become a tiger in bed

Do you want to be irresistible in the eyes of women?

And in bed to be a tiger, tireless and inimitable?

There are a few simple methods that if you follow, you will always have a line of women after you.

Let’s start with testosterone. This is the main male hormone (androgen) that is produced in the body.

Most of this hormone is produced in the testicles. It helps in the production of sperm.

In addition, testosterone stimulates and maintains sexual health, increases muscle mass and strength, and takes care of bone health.

Testosterone levels can fluctuate between high and low. Low levels signal the brain to start producing more.

When levels return to normal, the brain is instructed to reduce production.

Yes, our body is like a perfectly structured machine!

Here we will introduce you to a few tricks to get the most out of this hormone!

1. Build biceps

A study shows that men who lift weights regularly increase their testosterone levels by up to 49%.

In this way, you have a greater sexual desire, a greater muscle mass, which is also of better quality.

Your strength increases dramatically and also, you don’t have to take testosterone boosting drugs.

Your male power, if you understand me, is also increasing. The more you train, the more the stores in which this hormone is stored increase.

But be careful, because as we all know, too much is not too good!

2. Abdominal press

Use this vital hormone to build the tiles of your dreams that will make you more attractive and more confident!

“The six pack secret” is a very useful and successful online book that hides the secret of abdominal muscles.

If you get it, you will be able to sculpt the perfect abs in just a few weeks, all naturally!

3. Stress reduction

If you are put under regular stress, it is a sign that your testosterone levels are drastically reduced.

The enzyme “cortisol” increases when you are stressed. This prevents the body from creating testosterone cells and keeping them active within the tissues.

The best thing you can do in such a case is to start exercising!

But don’t overdo it, it will defeat your purpose.

Fatigue and injuries during training are the body’s sign that you are exhausted and need rest.

4. Limit alcohol

To keep testosterone levels in your body, stay away from bars.

Of course, 1-2 small drinks a week are not harmful, on the contrary, but you just shouldn’t overdo it.

A Dutch study shows that men who drink regularly within 3 weeks kill their testosterone and reduce its levels drastically.

Excessive alcohol brings all sorts of dangers to you and your hormones, so be careful with the cup!

5. Consume healthy fats

A study shows that men who regularly consume healthy fats are in excellent health.

This type of fat keeps testosterone levels high and also helps the function of some vital organs, such as the heart.

It is good to get such fats through fish, whole grains, dairy products, eggs, avocados and healthy oils such as olive, safflower, hemp, grape seed, as well as sunflower, canola and corn oils.

These foods will keep you healthy and full, and they will also help testosterone synthesis in your body.

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