Why frequent nervousness affects health adversely

Man is not a soulless machine. He often experiences fatigue, fear, anger. All these and many other factors make him nervous. This is completely understandable and natural. Regardless, getting nervous is not worth it. And why?

Why should we not get nervous from a medical point of view?

Because at certain times the irritation itself has a negative effect on our health. If, for example, a person with a heart problem gets nervous, it can cause a serious complication, even a heart attack. There are many examples in this direction from medical practice.

Why should pregnant women not get nervous?

A classic example – when a pregnant woman gets nervous, she does a “disservice” not only to herself, but also to her future child. Because the fetus is very sensitive to any change in the hormonal levels in the mother’s body.

Anxiety, fear and any negative emotions in general are contraindicated for pregnant women. Constant stress during pregnancy can have serious negative consequences.

In particular, if a pregnant woman is too often nervous, her future child may subsequently suffer from various sleep disorders.

Also, the constant fear and excitement of the expectant mother often causes an increase in the body of the unborn child in the levels of certain hormones, and more precisely, we are talking about cortisol, the so-called stress hormone.

A sharp increase in its levels may be the cause of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Thus, a woman who experiences severe stress during pregnancy risks giving birth to a child with a heart disease.< /p>

Furthermore, anxiety in late pregnancy can cause premature birth.

And in conclusion, it is important to remember that the unborn child feels everything that happens to his mother. Her joy becomes his joy and her pain becomes his.

The strong negative emotions experienced by a pregnant woman immediately affect her unborn child.

Precisely because of this, those women who are excited and experience a lot during pregnancy, often give birth to nervous, irritable and shy children.

A pregnant woman must remember that when she takes care of herself, she also takes care of the child she carries under her heart. Positive emotions have a beneficial effect on the baby and when they prevail during pregnancy a healthy and strong child is born.

Why should we avoid getting nervous often?

For example, a person is busy with a responsible job that requires maximum precision and discipline. And if he is nervous – is it because of problems with superiors or because of tension in family relations, or maybe for some other reason?

What could be the consequences?

The person is upset, their ability to concentrate has deteriorated accordingly and they are very distracted. The risk of errors such as miscalculation, incorrect assessing the situation, making an inappropriate decision, accordingly increases many times. And the cost of these mistakes can be overwhelming.

And what about when we are at home?

Is it desirable to give vent to our emotions when we are among our family?

It is also not worth it.< /p>

The truth is that the person who demonstrates his negative emotions becomes an “electrical charge” in this case and for other family members. This can be compared to a particularly contagious infection – for example, a family member has the flu, after a while everyone gets sick.

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