What health risks does eating in front of a computer pose?

Modern man spends a lot of time in front of the computer, sometimes he has breakfast, lunch, dinner also near the monitor. However, nutritionists recommend giving up this habit – eating in front of the computer is harmful.

Can we eat in front of the computer?

The normal process of digestion is possible only when one consumes the food in a calm atmosphere and chews it very well, enjoying her taste.

Only in this case is complete absorption of all useful nutrients contained in the food.

The attention of the person standing in front of the computer is absorbed by what is happening on the screen. Food is often not chewed, but simply swallowed. A person fails to feel in time when he is full and eats more than he should.

It is also difficult to taste the taste of food when one’s attention is absorbed by the computer. One’s taste buds are dulled and one’s overeating is certain because one has failed to even realize the taste of the meal he consumed.

Very rarely, computer users make a real lunch in front of the monitor, consisting of a first course, a second course and a dessert. Most of them only snack, without breaking away from their work, chips, candy, sweets, sandwiches or fast food.

Such a diet can very easily become the cause of the development of gastritis and other stomach problems.

British scientists are even conducting an experiment to clearly show people addicted to a computer that such a diet has a negative effect on the figure. They invited a group of volunteers to participate in the research.

Some of them had to have dinner in a quiet environment, and the rest – sitting at the computer, playing solitaire. After some time, the scientists, based on the observations made, established the result they expected.

It turned out that the weight of people who had dinner in a relaxed environment remained unchanged. And those participants who dined in front of the computer screen managed to “put on” extra pounds.

Swallowing food in front of the computer is harmful not only to the person, but also to the technology. Especially if he is the owner of a laptop. It can very easily spill water or another drink on the keyboard, sprinkle it with chips or make a stain on the screen.

And flooding the laptop keyboard with water in most cases turns out to be fatal for the entire computer, which does not apply to desktops. It is much better to eat from a plate in the kitchen.

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